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Run­ning a lever gun is like run­ning a pump-ac­tion shot­gun. Ammo man­age­ment is key. Keep ex­tra rounds at your fin­ger tips and learn to au­to­mat­i­cally top off the gun. Run the gun from the ejec­tion por t and prac­tice shoot-one-load-one drills to get faster.

Load with your head up — don’t sac­ri­fice sit­u­a­tional aware­ness while reload­ing

Load­ing over 100 rounds with a 45-70, we felt no shame in wrap­ping ath­letic tape on our thumb.

The ham­mer stays un­cocked un­til it’s time to work. Just like press­ing out with a pis­tol, ha­bit­u­al­ize cock­ing the ri­fle as it comes up to the shoul­der.

Work the reload lever while the gun’s shoul­dered and main­tain your sight pic­ture.

No­body likes cross-bolt safeties on a lever gun. But the al­ter­na­tive is pulling the trig­ger and low­er­ing the ham­mer. Yikes.

The guns han­dle well. Take ad­van­tage by prac­tic­ing the mo­tions of get­ting a slung ri­fle into ac­tion. Two well-known op­tions are African Carr y (ri­fle on sup­por t side, muz­zle down) and Amer­i­can

Carry (strong side, muz­zle up) us­ing a Rhode­sian-style sling with a stand­ing arm loop.

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