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What’s bet­ter than a 10-round AICS mag for your box-fed pre­ci­sion ri­fle? A 12-round mag that’s the same size as a 10-rounder. MDT’s 12-rounder is ¾-inch shorter than a stan­dard AICS mag thanks to the com­pany’s “dou­ble stack to sin­gle feed” tran­si­tion de­sign, so adding that ¾-inch back in adds two more rounds. The mag is avail­able in two con­fig­u­ra­tions, one with a binder plate for stan­dard length car­tridges (2.870 inches max COAL) and one with­out it to ac­com­mo­date longer rounds (2.960 inches max COAL). If you’re un­sure which ver­sion to get, go for the binder plate. Mags with­out the binder may re­quire an ac­tion with more clear­ance, oth­er­wise the tips of rounds may get hung up dur­ing feed­ing.


Mod­u­lar Driven Tech­nolo­gies


12-Round Short Ac­tion Metal Mag­a­zines

MSRP: $80

URL: www.mdt­


As you’d ex­pect, the pitch for 5.11 Tac­ti­cal’s new Geo7 camo pat­tern is filled with sci­ency chat­ter such as macro and mi­cro dis­rup­tion, mimetic col­oration, and scal­able con­ceal­ment. But, what it comes down to, re­ally, is that it looks pretty cool. Geo7 Ter­rain is a green­ish­tan­nish pat­tern that’ll blend in across a range of wooded and semi-arid en­vi­ron­ments. Geo7 Night, shown, is more of a “Hey, we want to look mar­tial, but we don’t go in the woods at all” look for ur­ban tac­ti­cal teams. The new pat­terns will be avail­able on uni­form ap­parel and ar­mor sys­tems. 5.11 sent us a sam­ple in the form of its Boonie cover made of light­weight poly/cot­ton rip­stop fab­ric with a wa­ter re­pel­lent fin­ish, ven­ti­la­tion eye­lets and a wick­ing sweat­band.


5.11 Tac­ti­cal


Boonie Hat Geo7 Night

MSRP: $25

URL: www.511tac­ti­


Geis­sele’s Su­per 700 might be the most ad­justable Rem­ing­ton 700-com­pat­i­ble trig­ger on the mar­ket. The de­sign is an out­growth of Geis­sele’s work on the Navy/USMC’s Mk 13 plat­form. The trig­ger runs as ei­ther a one or two-stage trig­ger, with the abil­ity for the end-user to switch between the two op­tions with an Allen key. Ad­just­ments in­clude first stage weight, sec­ond stage weight (when con­fig­ured as a 2-stage trig­ger), sear en­gage­ment, and over travel. Aside from be­ing able to tune all as­pects of the trig­ger, the Su­per 700 has a three-point safety that locks the trig­ger shoe, the trans­fer bar, and the mech­a­nism it­self. With all this ad­justa­bil­ity, con­fig­ura­bil­ity, and safety, this thing could be one trig­ger that fills ever y ri­fle roll from sniper to com­peti­tor to hunter.


Geis­sele Au­to­mat­ics


Su­per 700 Trig­ger


Works as both sin­gle-stage and two-stage

AD­JUST­MENT RANGE: 12 ounces to 3.5 pounds

MSRP: $250

URL: www.geis­


Hol­i­day shop­ping sucks, so here are a few gift ideas made by tac­ti­cal ar­ti­sans An­drew Baw­idamann and Ryan John­son that’ll keep you out of the mall this hol­i­day sea­son. Baw­idamann’s flame-col­ored, ti­ta­nium Su­gar Shivs are back this year and ready to hang on your Christ­mas tree, or around your neck with the in­cluded neck sheath. If a candy cane has too many calo­ries for your spe­cial some­one, there’s Baw­idamann’s Ar­changel Michael Pro­tec­tive Pen­dants. These el­e­gant lit­tle pen­dants can be worn alone or paired with a set of dog tags and come in a va­ri­ety of col­ors and met­als in­clud­ing car­tridge brass, ti­ta­nium, and cop­per. And al­ter­na­tive, but just as beardy, is RMJ’s hand­made stain­less steel Raven pen­dant. The de­sign is taken from a Vik­ing coin as an homage to

Odin’s ravens Hug­inn and Muninn.


Baw­idamann Shenani­gans and RMJ Tac­ti­cal


Pen­dants and Ti­ta­nium Hol­i­day Su­gar Shivs

MSRP: $75-125

URL: www.baw­ www.rmj­tac­ti­


The Py­roVault is body ar­mor for your Zippo. Some might see this as overkill, but for those who go into harm’s way daily or ven­ture to in­hos­pitable lands for fun, the Py­roVault is the ideal sup­ple­ment to the iconic wind­proof lighter. Af­ter all, a re­li­able source of fire can be a life­saver in sur­vival sit­u­a­tions. It’s made out of heat-re­sis­tant re­in­forced poly­mer, weighs less than an ounce, and ac­cepts any Zippo-style lighter insert (fluid or bu­tane). It re­tains Zippo’s one-handed op­er­a­tion with a spring-loaded cap, but up­grades the lighter’s porta­bil­ity with a low-pro PALS web­bing clip so you can at­tach it to your kit. Plus, its O-ring keeps wa­ter out while re­duc­ing fuel evap­o­ra­tion. Made in the USA. For an ad­di­tional $14, you can also re­ceive a cus­tom Zippo with Thyrm’s pow­der­coated logo on it. Made in the USA.

MAKE: Thyrm

MODEL: Py­roVault


$30 with­out lighter, $44 with lighter



Adding ac­ces­sories to your lat­est AR-15 build is a love/hate thing. Af­ter all, any­thing you in­stall is go­ing to add weight. As the say­ing goes, ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. So, if you’re look­ing to keep your ri­fle as low carb as pos­si­ble, the HALO MiniVert Grip is a good op­tion. This ver­ti­cal fore­grip (VFG) from Tyrant De­signs fea­tures a skele­tonized alu­minum frame to re­duce weight yet still of­fer struc­tural strength. It stands 2.75 inches tall, 0.8 inch wide, and weighs only 2.5 ounces. This VFG also has cham­fered edges for a com­fort­able feel in hand and a lip ex­ten­sion for dif­fer­ent grip styles. Avail­able for both M-LOK and KeyMod sys­tems. Made in the USA.


Tyrant De­signs


HALO MiniVert Grip





Sure, they can be bulky and re­quire bat­ter­ies, but we like elec­tronic ear­muffs. They pro­tect our hear­ing by at­ten­u­at­ing the deaf­en­ing fire of our boom­sticks yet mag­nify nor­mal sounds around us when our safety’s on. Walker’s re­cently re­leased its lat­est pair of e-muffs, the XCEL 100. It fea­tures four modes: Uni­ver­sal for gen­eral sound am­pli­fi­ca­tion, Speech Clar­ity for en­hanc­ing voices in a noisy en­vi­ron­ment, Power Boost for am­pli­fy­ing sound across the range of vol­ume, and High Fre­quency to hear the ping of your round hit­ting a steel tar­get at long dis­tances. Plus, it has an auto-shut­off func­tion, wind-noise re­duc­tion, a new er­gonomic head­band, and a low-bat­tery warn­ing. Two AAA bat­ter­ies are in­cluded.




MSRP: $100

URL: www.walk­ers­


We’re so over the big belt buckle trend, es­pe­cially the one that re­quires guys to tuck in only the front of their shirts like some sort of fash­ion mul­let. We’re happy to see Graith USA come out with the Spe­cial­ist, a low-pro­file EDC belt that could be worn with shorts, slacks, or tac­ti­cal pants. Its min­i­mal­is­tic buckle is made of solid brass with a gun­metal fin­ish and paired beau­ti­fully with 1.5-inch Mil-spec ny­lon web­bing with a scuba web­bing core and a hook-and-loop clo­sure, al­low­ing for mi­cro ad­just­ments. The Spe­cial­ist isn’t a ded­i­cated shoot­ing belt, but it does bal­ance stiff­ness and flex­i­bil­ity — pro­vid­ing day­long com­fort and the strength to carry most of your EDC gear. Hand­crafted in the USA.


Graith USA

MODEL: Spe­cial­ist

MSRP: $43



We’re warn­ing you, if you want a set of these spe­cial edi­tion SK8-Hi Notch­back Pros in Mul­tiCam Black, stop read­ing this right now and hit the URL below. They’re go­ing to sell out faster than toi­let pa­per be­fore a snowstorm. We have no idea why TP and snow­fall are so in­ter­twined, but we do know that ev­ery time Vans col­lab­o­rates with DEFCON, the re­sult­ing shoes end up on eBay for about five times the list price. These sneak­ers are equipped with fire­proof Wolver­ine War­rior suede, a wa­ter­proof treat­ment on up­per, DRi-LEX lin­ing, Vans Ul­tra­cush HD footbeds with cus­tom art­work, and re­in­forced re­verse lug tread pat­tern out­sole. Whether you’re kick­ing in doors, kick­ing ol­lies, or kick­ing back beers, these DEFCON Notch­backs have you cov­ered.



SK8-Hi Notch­back Pro

MSRP: $138



Keep­ing a blade sharp is the same as keep­ing your CCW pis­tol clean and loaded, lest you come up short in a life-and-death sit­u­a­tion. DMT makes it easy for you to keep your knife’s cut­ting edge ra­zor-like with its SLYDR-Sharp. This portable tool works like a two-sided box­cut­ter; slide one but­ton up to re­lease the file tool (which works on straight edges) or turn it over and push on the other but­ton to use the rod (which works on curved and ser­rated edges). Both sharp­en­ers are cov­ered in di­a­mond abra­sives that can work on every­thing from knives and tom­a­hawks to scis­sors and shov­els.





MSRP: $43



CRKT’s Forged By War is a se­ries of tac­ti­cal tools de­signed by vet­er­ans, with a por­tion of the prof­its do­nated to the char­ity of the de­signer’s choos­ing. The Du Hoc is one such ex­am­ple. This beefy karam­bit was de­signed by Austin McGlaun — who served as a cop in Ge­or­gia and with the 101st Air­borne Di­vi­sion in Iraq — to honor the mem­ory of his late un­cle, who decades be­fore earned the Sil­ver Star. Made of SK5 high-car­bon steel, the 5-inch blade has a plain edge while the han­dle fea­tures G10 scales and a siz­able re­ten­tion ring. It has a 9.625inch over­all length, weighs 9.3 ounces, and comes with a glass-re­in­forced ny­lon sheath.


Columbia River Knife & Tool


MSRP: $135



A good head­lamp goes a long way. Whether it’s help­ing you get back to base­camp af­ter a long day of hunt­ing or pro­vid­ing light while you fix a flat tire at night, this type of wear­able torch can pro­vide in­tense il­lu­mi­na­tion while al­low­ing you to move hands-free. The Petzl Tac­tikka Core is a light­weight, com­pact head­lamp that puts out 350 lu­mens to 104 yards for up to two hours. It also has a 2-lu­men red light to pre­serve night vi­sion and stealth that can also by switched to strobe and be seen from al­most a half-mile away for 350 hours. This hy­brid light comes with a recharge­able bat­tery, but also ac­cepts three AAA bat­ter­ies. More­over, it has an IPX4 weather-re­sis­tant rat­ing, so it’ll still work even if it’s rain­ing or snow­ing.

MAKE: Petzl

MODEL: Tac­tikka Core




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