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The 455 VPT was CZ’s as­tute of­fer­ing to the prac­ti­cal pre­ci­sion com­mu­nity when it came out less than a decade ago. Up to that point, guys who wanted a 22LR tac­ti­cal trainer had few choices. So when CZ USA mated its ven­er­a­ble 455 barreled ac­tion to a Man­ners Com­pos­ite T4 stock, it was an in­stant hit. The pre­ci­sion world has since moved on to chas­sis set­ups, so even with the cut­ting edge (at the time) car­bon fiber and fiber­glass com­pos­ite stock, the 455 VPT al­most seems dated. Al­most, be­cause the ri­fle still shoots ex tremely well.


The 455’s 30-shot group us­ing Club ammo was within a fly’s breath of the most ac­cu­rate ri­fle in our guide, the V-22. Ammo sen­si­tiv­ity is a real thing, and the 455 gave the higher-end Eley Match ammo the Heis­man.


The 455’s bolt and cham­ber gave us no prob­lems. Ejec­tion was Me­ta­mu­cil strong and con­sis­tent. Bolt guns are much more tol­er­ant of rimfire foul­ing than semi-au­tos, but some are more tol­er­ant than oth­ers. We didn’t clean need to clean the ri­fle, even run­ning it with the si­lencer for 90 per­cent of our 800 rounds.


Out of the box, it lacks pro­vi­sion for a full-length bot­tom rail for bar­ri­cade stops, tri­pod plates, and bipods. You can stick some Pic rail on the end us­ing the ex­ist­ing sling stud holes with B&T In­dus­tries’ BT017 4-inch rail, as we did. But, if you want to add any thing else, you’re head­ing to drill press cit y.


OK . This is where the 455 and I don’t get along. The bolt knob on this thing is for tiny peo­ple with tiny hands. The bolt is also the stiffest of the crew. The bolt knob needs some ex­tra oomph to drive it past the half­way mark of its ro­ta­tion. We found our­selves thumb­ing the bolt knob, reach­ing below the trig­ger guard with our fingers and lev­er­ing the bolt closed ... not ideal. For tu­nately, the af­ter­mar­ket pro­vides. $60 for ex­tended bolt han­dle im­proves lever­age and al­low the gun to be run with­out break­ing your cheek­weld to curse.

The 455 VPT ver­sion in­cludes a bridged Pi­catinny scope base that slides on to the 455’s 11mm dove­tail rail and is fixed by four set screws. It’s not a con­fi­dence-in­spir­ing setup, and we have to won­der if the thing will ever be level back-to-front. On the plus side, poly­mer 10-round mags for the 455 are eco­nom­i­cally priced at $30 apiece.


The ad­justable, sin­gle-stage trig­ger comes in at 2 pounds, 13 ounces af­ter di­al­ing in its light­est set­ting. It feels a lit­tle heav y for su­per fine work, and there’s a few hairs wor th of creep.


As ac­cu­rate as guns thrice the price; good af­ter­mar­ket sup­por t


Small bolt knob and shor t han­dle com­bine with stiff bolt ro­ta­tion to rob the fun from run­ning this gun; sketchy Pi­catinny scope rail at­tach­ment

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