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Iain Kelbly wanted a trainer, so he made one. He worked with ze meis­ters off rrrim­fire,

An­schütz, to build the ul­ti­mate 22LR trainer. He star ted with the com­pany’s in­trolevel barreled ac­tion, the 1416. It com­bines the An­schütz 64 Ac­tion, an An­schütz 18inch, but­ton-ri­fled, hand-lapped, ½-28 threaded bar­rel, An­schütz 5098 two-stage ad­justable trig­ger and adds Kelbly’s car­bon-fiber, cen­ter fire K TS stock. Kelbly’s buys the barreled ac­tions and sends them to An­schütz Nor th Amer­ica’s cus­tom shop where ex trac­tion, ejec­tion, and trig­ger are tuned to per fec­tion. Kelbly’s sets the barreled ac­tion in its K TS stock and beds the ac­tion un­der the cham­ber and tang.


The Arcas grouped well enough at 50 yards, but we took it out to 100 yards and shot 20-round groups and logged a 1.8-inch over­all group size, of which 2/3rds of the rounds grouped in­side 0.93 inches. At 100 yards, a bird fart can ruin a tight 22LR group, so we’re im­pressed how well this ri­fle holds groups at prac­ti­cal train­ing dis­tances.


Ian Kelbly sent us his own ri­fle and told us it’s been at least 3,000 rounds since its last clean­ing. We logged an­other 800 rounds, around 700 of them sup­pressed, still with­out clean­ing it and we ex­pe­ri­enced no mal­func­tions of any kind. We don’t know where the car­bon and wax went, but it didn’t gunk up the bolt face at all. It’s bonkers. The dual ex­trac­tors and me­chan­i­cal ejec­tor have some­thing to do with it, as does the notch in the bolt face that gives foul­ing a place to col­lect where it can’t cause prob­lems.


It’s funky look­ing, but we as­sure you Kelbly’s K TS Stock is a com­for ta­ble, stiff, and highly ad­justable beast. It’s car­bon fiber with a full length Pi­catinny rail un­der the fore end, QD sling studs, a three-way ad­justable butt plate, 1-inch re­coil pad, ad­justable cheek-piece off­set, ad­justable comb height, and fin­ish that looks to be some­where between a plan­e­tar­ium and an aquar­ium.


The An­schütz 64 ac­tion on the Arcas is the smoothest, fastest, snap­pi­est ac­tion we’ve ever op­er­ated … and, eff us, but it’s con­sid­ered the low end of the An­schütz line. This thing wants to run. We al­ready talked about its abilit y to run dir t y, but it’s ab­so­lutely shock­ing for an ac­tion this ne­glected to run so smooth, easy, and well. Mag changes are easy with the gi­ant mag catch, but at $79 a pop, you’ll likely be baby­ing those 10-rounders.


The An­schütz 5098 ad­justable trig­ger is 6.5 ounces of two-stage joy. It’s user ad­justable, for pull weight, over travel, sear en­gage­ment, length of pull, and shoe an­gle. We didn’t need to mess with any of that, though. The first stage feels like mov­ing a thick blade of grass, the sec­ond is like press­ing a key on an early ’80s, clicky IBM key­board.


So much fun to shoot; adapt­able; ac­cu­rate; barely needs clean­ing


Mag­a­zines are pricey; stock fin­ish is a con­ver­sa­tion star ter

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