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Find this ar ticle on and down­load the linked For­got Your Ammo tar­get. With the tar­get at 100 yards, put 15 loose rounds in a con­tainer 25 yards be­hind the fir­ing line. Walk back to your ri­fle, as­sume a prone po­si­tion, load and make ready with one round. Star ting sighted-in on the first cir­cle of the tar­get, en­gage each cir­cle with one round from lef t to right, top to bot­tom, re­triev­ing each round, one at a time, from the am­mu­ni­tion sup­ply point af­ter each shot. The par time for this ex­er­cise is 6:30 with all hits in­side the cir­cles. The drill teaches you to mount the gun ef­fi­ciently and ac­quire tar­gets quickly.

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