Recoil - - Cushioning Precision -


1000 De­nier Cor­dura Ny­lon or Waxed Can­vas


10 by 7 by 6 inches


6 pounds



Coy­ote Brown, Multi-Cam, Ranger Green




www.ar­maged­dongear.com Per­haps the only bag to be patented, the Game Changer de­signed by Clifton Rea­sor lives up to its name. The de­sign is fairly sim­ple, but this large (10 by 7 by 6) and heav y (6-pound) bag cre­ates an ul­tra-stable shoot­ing plat­form from nearly any ob­sta­cle or po­si­tion. With a “W” shape, the bar­ri­cade, fence rail, car door, win­dow, or any other po­si­tion up to 4 inches wide is clamped by the bag, while the heav y fill sta­bi­lizes the bag. The 10 -inch flat side then cre­ates a solid rest for the fore end of the ri­fle. Al­ter­na­tively, flip­ping the bag around to put the flat end on the ground and pinch­ing the ri­fle stock in­side the W makes for an over­size winged rear bag, ex tremely stable with the heav y fill. A han­dle on each end al­lows for easy carr y and move­ment while chang­ing po­si­tions on the clock. Many shoot­ers and com­peti­tors have found the Game Changer to be their go-to bag for al­most any shoot­ing sce­nario, re­plac­ing the need to carr y three to four bags.

Due to the pop­u­larit y, Ar­maged­don Gear is man­u­fac­tur­ing sev­eral mod­els, with dif­fer­ent sizes and ma­te­ri­als be­ing avail­able. For a classy rear bag, con­sider the waxed can­vas ver­sion with bi­son leather straps.

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