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TOUGH LOSS SUN­DAY This foot­ball nut is still try­ing to un­der­stand what hap­pened Sun­day as the Ravens sure-footed kicker, Justin Tucker, missed a point af­ter that lost the game in the fi­nal sec­onds. It had to be the wind is the only an­swer as Tucker’s kick was headed right into the cen­ter of the goal posts when it veered off to the side and you could see in Tucker’s eyes how dis­be­liev­ing he felt at the time.

We saw some tough losses back when we had sea­son tick­ets for those old Baltimore Colts years ago and never missed a game at home, but I can’t think of any that hurt as bad as this one Sun­day.

Oh, well, let’s go on and sweep the rest of the sched­ule!



Be sure to do your duty this year and vote in the midterm elec­tion com­ing up.

We plan on vot­ing early and that can be done any day from Oct.

25 through Nov. 1 at the county elec­tions of­fice in the county of­fice build­ing across from the high school or at the Kent Is­land branch of the Queen Anne’s County Li­brar y.

You can go any­time be­tween 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., I am told.

The elec­tion it­self will be on Nov.

6, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Get out and vote; it is your demo­cratic duty!


Be sure to read the great story called “Mir­a­cles Hap­pen” that ap­peared in the “Health Up­date” sec­tion of that free Up­date pa­per that comes out weekly. It is a won­der­ful story of a lo­cal fam­ily and the bone mar­row donor who saved the life of the young man, Ja­son Lee.

We need more GOOD sto­ries to off­set the in­creas­ing bad news that seems to fill the daily pa­pers.

I kept a copy of that is­sue if you have thrown your away — it is in

the Li­brary where I put it aside. Stop in and ask for me on Tues­day or ask at the Cir­cu­la­tion Desk to look in my cubby in the back room.



I should re­ally get a dis­count on my Sun­pa­pers bill this month.

For the sec­ond time in the last cou­ple of weeks, we re­ceived the morn­ing pa­per with­out a third sec­tion that was sup­posed to be in it. That sec­tion has the comics and I have to have a morn­ing laugh to be­gin the day on a high note with the comics in front of me as I drink my cof­fee.

I even went to the Li­brary to look at their Morn­ing Sun, but it was miss­ing in their copy also.



That’s the num­ber of ker­nels of that tasty candy corn sold an­nu­ally in the U.S. — yes, NINE BIL­LION!

At least that’s what it said in the Amer­i­can Pro­file sec­tion of the pa­per last week.

This Hal­loween treat was cre­ated back in Philadel­phia in the

1880s, and is still go­ing strong. I gob­bled up a hand­ful when I found some in the Li­brary the other day.

There were other Amer­i­can candy treats listed in the story also. It seems that the pop­u­lar Toot­sie Roll is also a big seller with more than 60 mil­lion made each day by a com­pany in Chicago. This one was started in 1896, by and Aus­trian im­mi­grant, Leo Hirschfield, us­ing his fam­ily’s recipe for the chewy taffy-like cho­co­late candy, named for his daugh­ter and orig­i­nally sold for a penny apiece.


1966 ORIOLES STORY? Ev­ery time I go through the clip­pings on this desk for the weekly visit, I run across some that I can’t re­mem­ber.

The lat­est was not a clip­ping, but a note on the scrap pad that read:

“1966 R-O, Orioles story.” Now I have not the time to look through all of the bound file for

1966 in the Record-ob­server of­fice, but it will take some time to look for a base­ball story about the Orioles in some of the sum­mer is­sues one of these days. I can’t imag­ine what it could say about the Orioles that I would make a note of it.

Dan Tabler

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