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Teacher of the Year nominees named


CENTREVILL­E — Parents, students and colleagues have nominated 64 teachers who meet the qualificat­ion guidelines for 2021 Queen Anne’s County Teacher of the Year. Those nominated come from almost every school in the county. By school, the nominees are as follows.

Kent Island High School:

Diane Adelsberge­r, Catherine Beaton Fuller, Christina Brinster, Justin Lewis, Lacey Phelps and Luke Whitehair.

Centrevill­e Middle School: Andrew Anders, Amy Bauer, Natasha Dawson, Dana Fellows, Heather Fullerton, Thomas Hayman, Tina Peter and Sean Mccabe.

Matapeake Middle School: Jaclyn Baily, Audrey Benson, Curtis George, Elizabeth Hausburg, Brendan Schulte, Heather Walsh and Cristopher Kefer.

Stevensvil­le Middle School: Tom Crise, Nikki Faery and Aubree Niemiec.

Sudlersvil­le Middle School: Julie Cooper, Ashley Dishong, Stephanie Mackenzie and David Wilson.

Bayside Elementar y: Joanne Beemiller, Amanda Boggs, James Macedo, Rebecca Rickabaugh, Sara Towers, Michelle Willey and Duan Wright.

Centrevill­e Elementary: Kim Fulton, Jill Gill, Jennifer Klakring and Jennifer Mariano.

Church Hill Elementar y: Ginger Camp, Leigh Dean, Jesse Freeman and Paul Taylor.

Grasonvill­e Elementary: Lindsay Campbell, Lisbeth Haarhoff, Jennifer Kohl, Diane Micek, Megan Spence and Robin Wright.

Kennard Elementary: Justin Crew, Kristina Gulbin, Jennifer Martin and Julie Perozzi.

Kent Island Elementary: Lynne Doeler, Joy Gardner and Molly Zarzecki.

Matapeake Elementary: Sharon Burak, David Cherry, Erin Coyne, Gina Crook, Debra Hayward, Stephen Rafter and Melinda Ray.

Sudlersvil­le Elementary: Jan Whalen.

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