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Jen and Angie— a Chicago faceoff


Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie in Chicago—I couldn’t help but notice the difference­s and the similariti­es between Brad Pitt’s current girlfriend, Jolie, and his ex-wife, Aniston, when they were working and playing in the Windy City. Jolie left Chicago a week ago and Aniston last was here in May.

Both stars stayed in the Peninsula hotel and they are rumored to have used the same suite.

The actresses also both worked out in the hotel gym. Jolie used two trainers, a source told me, and Aniston only worked out by herself or with one trainer.

Jolie always used the garage entrance to go in and out of the hotel. Aniston usually did as well, but she has used the front entrance a couple of times.

During Jolie’s free time in Chicago she took her children shopping and sightseein­g. During Aniston’s free time here she went shopping and sightseein­g with friends and family.

When Jolie emerged from the Peninsula hotel she rarely tried to lose the paparazzi and had her chauffeur drive the legal speed limit. Aniston almost always tried to lose the paparazzi. She’s taken the paps almost an hour out of her way in an attempt to lose them and has even called the police to get them off her tail.

Jolie wasn’t spotted out at lunch, but Aniston always swings by Ralph Lauren for lunch when in town. Both actresses have gone to dinner at Avenues and Japonais.

I think the biggest difference between Jolie and Aniston during their stays is their accessibil­ity to fans. Although Aniston has been to Chicago several times in the past few years, I have not seen her once sign an autograph or take a picture with a fan. Jolie went out of her way to do both.

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