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Family Secrets nearing end


With the presentati­on of evidence expected to wrap up Monday, the Family Secrets trial has been among the most riveting in Chicago history, putting the violent realities of Outfit life and death on display for nine weeks.

Among the trial’s highlights, three reputed “made” members of the Chicago Outfit each testified—one, the star government witness, and two key defendants.

Nicholas Calabrese, confronted with DNA evidence tying him to a 1986 murder, turned on the mob, betraying his brother and providing an insider’s view on many of the 18 slayings at the heart of the prosecutio­n’s case.

In a rare move for accused mobsters, Calabrese’s brother, Frank Calabrese Sr., who is implicated in 13 of the murders, and Joey “the Clown” Lombardo, perhaps Chicago’s best-known reputed Outfit figure of the past three decades, took the witness stand in their own defense.

In closing arguments this week—which could begin as soon as late Monday—lawyers will guide jurors through the testimony of dozens of witnesses and hours of secretly made recordings. Jury deliberati­ons likely will begin later in the week.

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