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Pressure to be thin? Foster isn’t feeling it


Jodie Foster has noticed that when she’s asked to do photo shoots and the stylist brings her sample size clothes—a 4 or a 6—they all fit her pretty well.

“I’m 5-foot-3,” Foster said. “How can I wear the same size as a 6-2 lady? Does that mean that a 6-foottall person weighs the same as me?”

The double Oscar winner escapes the tabloid glare and doesn’t pay much attention to the rage to be thin. That’s somewhat the prerogativ­e of talent—but also of age. Foster knows she’s past what Hollywood considers the sell-by date for women. “I’m 44. Nobody cares about me,” she said. The whole idea of Hollywood has changed, she said, from the center of the motion picture arts and business to the center of fashion, beauty and commercial­ism.

“It’s the whole ‘I’m wearing this’ thing,” Foster said, mimicking the line actors say on the red carpet.

To Foster, the plentiful designer swag and the actresses who double as fashion plates are part of the same trend, which she labels “the person as accessory” phenomenon. Coming out of the 1960s and the feminist revolution, Foster said, she can’t imagine that.

“You wouldn’t want anyone to think they owned you or want someone to only talk about your body. That would be humiliatin­g,” she said of past attitudes. “This new generation is not of that era.”

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