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Dare to improvise: ‘MacGyver’ delivers action-packed season finale


In the era of Pinterest and Maker magazine, anyone can attempt to create, well, pretty much anything. If you don’t have all of the supplies you need, fear not — there’s likely a substitute lying around that can be used to make it work. Perhaps you can even ... MacGyver it?

The series that spawned that quirky verb inspired a 2016 reboot, and the two versions share more than just the leading man’s innovative, unusual quick fixes to life-threatenin­g and dangerous situations. The season finale of “MacGyver” airs Friday, May 4, on CBS.

While technologi­cal advancemen­ts have been made, much of “MacGyver’s” core premise is heavily reminiscen­t of the original series. Angus (Mac) MacGyver (Lucas Till, “X-Men: First Class,” 2011) is employed by the top secret Phoenix Foundation as a field agent, acquired for his experience as a military EOD technician full of innovative, non-lethal ways of dealing with any possible threats.

Assisting him is a diverse and talented team. Jack Dalton (George Eads, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigat­ion”) supports Mac with both his military background and penchant for firearms, while also bringing a slightly lighter, devil-may-care attitude to the field. Riley Davis (Tristin Mays, “The Vampire Diaries”) brings sharp wit and tech grit to the team as a highly skilled hacker who has a heavy, familial past with fellow team member Jack.

Mac’s best friend, Wilt Bozer (Justin Hires, “21 Jump Street,” 2012), rounds out the team with his relatable, fish-out-of-water perspectiv­e. Wilt’s lack of experience relating specifical­ly to covert operative fieldwork — having previously worked as a film director — often lands him in less-than-desirable situations, but his perceptive personalit­y and varied skill set proves to be of formidable value to the team.

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