Richmond Times-Dispatch Weekend

Give up fretting about golden-age drivers



As the weather warms up, robins begin nest constructi­on and more people are vaccinated, life is beginning to get back to — I hate to say — normal. This means the silverhair­ed seniors will return to driving down the boulevards and avenues in the left passing lane, so slow that grass grows under their tires.

You can blink your lights behind these golden-age operators, but they can’t see you; beep your horn — they can’t hear you; or shake your fist as you pass around on the right side, and all you’ll get is a simple smile.

Moving in front of them and going even slower doesn’t work, either — they think you’re one of them. So, you might as well give up, and hope you don’t live to be 102 years old. Plus, notice in your rearview mirror as you speed away, that their turn-signal has been blinking since they left home. ERNEST IRBY.


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