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Some businesses, together with their lobbyists, and often anonymousl­y through their political action committees, routinely make political contributi­ons, asking for — and often receiving — favorable legislatio­n. They call it political action; I call it bribery and corruption.

Marvin Rosman,


If the University of Richmond students want to change the names of certain buildings, that’s easy. Donate a few million dollars to the institutio­n. They might have to ask Mom and Dad for an advance on their inheritanc­es. Having a building named after you often was in recognitio­n of extreme service to the college. Nowadays it usually is about money.

Joseph R. Toler, Richmond

When it comes to renaming buildings, the University of Richmond could save itself a lot of headaches if it just called them Building 1, Building 2, etc.

David J. Kupstas,


When Gov. Ralph Northam was a practicing medical doctor, I’m sure he diligently worked to help people stop smoking because smoke from cigarettes damaged their lungs. I wonder where he thinks the smoke from marijuana cigarettes goes.

Mary Griffith,


The city of Richmond is once again gambling with historic enslaved Black people’s graves for profits. Instead, we need monuments to brotherly love, not false granite coins to greedy gamblers.

Oliver Hedgepeth,

North Chesterfie­ld

Regarding the Virginia Certificat­e of Public Need program: It might be useful to provide health care in rural and underserve­d areas; however, it stifles competitio­n and keeps costs high elsewhere. That’s not necessaril­y a good trade-off and it needs to be amended.

Ted Miller,


The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pause is a positive reassuranc­e to the public that the benefitto-risk evaluation of drugs is being taken seriously by government regulators and drug manufactur­ers.

Al Schalow,


How rude, might I say, that you call me in the quiet of the evening, blasting out political questions, while having the audacity not to greet me or identify yourself. And you expect me to honor your request. Glenwood Burley, Richmond

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