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“The Hero of Color City” (2014)

Get colorful with the quirky computeran­imated children’s film “The Hero of Color City” when it joins the Prime roster on Wednesday, April 21. Young Ben (voiced by E.G. Daily, “Happy Feet,” 2006) loves art. He spends most of his free time every day coloring, but what he doesn’t know is that every night when his mom turns out the lights at bed time, his crayons come to life and visit a world of their own called Color City — a world largely created from Ben’s drawings. But one night, when Ben is forced to leave one of his drawings incomplete before bed, the crayons are in for a terrible surprise: the unfinished drawing is wreaking havoc on Color City. Together, the crayons — Yellow (Christina Ricci, “Casper,” 1995), Red (Rosie Perez, “The Road to El Dorado,” 2000), Blue (Wayne Brady, “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”), Green (Jess Harnell, “Animaniacs”), Black (David Kaye, “Ben 10”), Brown (Tom Lowell, “Bunyan and Babe,” 2017) and the others — must work hard to defend their home from the uncolored threat seeking to suck all the joy from it. Directed by Frank Gladstone (“Shark Tale,” 2004), “The Hero of Color City” also features the voices of Owen Wilson (“Zoolander,” 2001), Craig Ferguson (“How to Train Your Dragon,” 2010) and Sean Astin (“Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” 2001).

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