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Bar owner arrested in fake vaccine card case


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The owner of a Northern California bar where authoritie­s say madeto-order fake COVID-19 vaccinatio­n cards were sold to undercover state agents for $20 each was arrested in what officials call the first such foiled operation they are aware of nationwide.

The plaincloth­es agents from California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control said they were told at the Old Corner Saloon in Clements to write their names and birthdates on Post-it notes and then watched as employees cut the cards, filled in identifyin­g informatio­n and bogus vaccinatio­n dates and laminated the finished products.

Vaccinatio­n cards are being used in some places as a pass for people to attend large gatherings.

In California, officials have allowed venue operators to offer easier access to people with proof of vaccinatio­n. That includes preferenti­al access to large events such as concerts and sporting events and allowing venues to create vaccinated-only sections where social distancing requiremen­ts are not as strict.

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