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Casinos never pay out more than they take in



Scenario: A few men, playing poker in the basement recreation room at one’s house. Some women playing bridge at one of their houses for a penny a point. A small amount of money changes hands. Innocent fun, yes? Certainly, the amount of money won by one is equal to that lost by another. No problem.

In a casino, that is not the case. The winnings paid out to winning patrons never, ever come close to that lost by its losing patrons.

No casino is going to offer any kind of a game where the table is going to offer its patrons a fair chance to get way ahead of the game. Casinos are funded by big money, seeking a healthy profit by preying on the sloth and greed of those who are seeking quick and easy money — and on those who seek a quick solution to their monetary ills.

Grocery stores are good. Hardware stores are good. Most stores are good; they meet a public need. Casinos meet no public need, no matter how they are dressed up by promises of jobs, support for schools, etc.

I shall vote “no” on casinos. R. LELAND BRADLEY.


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