Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2019-02-11



STARTUP SPOTLIGHT ALL ABOUT HEART Title: Experience: ‘So many people need help,’ says entrepreneurial nurse who has launched Ask Nurse Debbie her newest venture — helping people navigate the complex health care system. The logo for her Richmond startup, Ask Nurse Debbie, is a heart — just as it is for Chesterfield County-based Care Advantage Inc., which employed 3,000 people in home health care when she sold it two years ago, and for Connecting Hearts, an adoption and foster home nonprofit. “It’s always about the heart ... with heart, anything is possible,” Johnston said. BY CAROL HAZARD Special correspondent Deborah J. “Debbie” Johnston, a Richmond-area entrepreneur, business owner and philanthropist, puts her stamp of a grateful heart on nearly everything she touches. That includes starting a home health care company, founding a nonprofit to aid children waiting to be adopted and launching Affiliations:

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