Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2020-03-20

Friday Fun : 25 : C1

Friday Fun

FRIDAY RTD Puzzle answers on FUN How to play: Pnuezxztle­page answers on Page C2 More puzzles, games inside ••• SECTION C • RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH • FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020 • RICHMOND.COM How to play: How to play: Subject: FRESHMAN LEVEL PH.D. LEVEL GRADUATE LEVEL SCORING: How to play: Find the familiar phrase, saying or name in this arrangemen­t of letters. North America Syndicate Inc. (c) 2020 Ken Fisher BY HENRY BOLTINOFF How to play: How to play: BY JUDD HAMBRICK Four play total Virginia Politics Insider Get the latest updates on politics in the commonweal­th with Three times a week you’ll receive email updates with news from the Capitol and the General Assembly, and informatio­n about your elected officials. Virginia Politics Insider. Sign up now at

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