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Dear Abby: I re­cently lost a lot of weight and fi­nally felt con­fi­dent enough to start dat­ing. I met a won­der­ful man I’ll call “Teddy.” We’ve been to­gether for eight months, and I can see a fu­ture with him.

The prob­lem is my sis­ter. Ever since I started los­ing weight and try­ing to im­prove my­self, she has be­come in­cred­i­bly jeal­ous. She has taken to mak­ing back­handed com­ments as of­ten as she can. We had a huge fight where we didn’t talk for two months be­cause she thought I had “changed too much.”

I used to spend ev­ery week­end at her house hang­ing out with her. I would do her gro­cery shop­ping, lend her any­thing she wanted and de­fer to her be­cause I was lonely. But now I spend most week­ends with Teddy gen­er­ally en­joy­ing my life. She keeps say­ing I should break up with Teddy so I can pri­or­i­tize her again, and she tries to start fights be­tween Teddy and me.

Abby, my sis­ter is mar­ried and has a kid. I don’t want to cut her off be­cause I love my nephew and would like to be part of his life. I also don’t want to have to choose be­tween my fam­ily and hav­ing a life that doesn’t re­volve around them. Please help me. — CHANG­ING MY LIFE

Dear Chang­ing: If your de­scrip­tion is ac­cu­rate, you ex­ist in your sis­ter’s uni­verse only to ful­fill her needs. It should not be nec­es­sary to choose be­tween Teddy and your fam­ily. What you must do is es­tab­lish firm bound­aries with her, en­force them and not knuckle un­der to the pres­sure she is ex­ert­ing.

Dear Abby: I found $17 in the pocket of an old coat and used it to buy my­self some fast food. My fi­ancee is upset that I didn’t get her any­thing. That restau­rant is ex­pen­sive, and it’s hard to buy two meals for that price.

I think I should be al­lowed to spend money I find, es­pe­cially since it was in my coat. Un­for­tu­nately, she didn’t get any din­ner that night. It has been a week now, and she’s still upset with me about it. I never get any­thing for my­self, and I feel I de­served a treat. — QUAR­AN­TINED IN IN­DI­ANA

Dear Quar­an­tined: And your ques­tion is? This is how you treat your fi­ancee? The least you could have done was get her a side of fries to eat with what­ever was in the fridge as a main course. If you and this girl are still to­gether, it’s time for some se­ri­ous apolo­gies.

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