Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2020-06-15



A14 • • • MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020 RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH RTD WEATHER DESK With meteorolog­ist John Boyer • ACCUWEATHE­R SEVEN-DAY LOCAL FORECAST SUNDAY TODAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Partly sunny and hot HIGH A shower and t-storm around HIGH Cloudy with a few showers HIGH Overcast, a t-storm; humid HIGH Partly sunny, a shower; warmer HIGH An afternoon t-storm possible HIGH Cloudy with a t-storm in spots HIGH 73 71 71 76 84 90 95 THIS A.M. OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT 59 61 62 64 64 68 71 73 RealFeel: 98/74 RealFeel: 73/55 RealFeel: 68/57 RealFeel: 71/60 RealFeel: 78/65 RealFeel: 89/68 RealFeel: 95/71 Winds: Winds: Winds: Winds: Winds: Winds: Winds: Precip: Precip: Precip: Precip: Precip: Precip: Precip: 65% 75% 65% 55% 30% 5% 40% ENE 7-14 mph NNE 8-16 mph NE 8-16 mph NE 7-14 mph WSW 6-12 mph WSW 6-12 mph SW 7-14 mph AccuWeathe­ RealFeel Temperatur­e® The patented is an exclusive index of the effects of temperatur­e, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitat­ion, pressure and elevation on the human body. THE REGION WATER CONDITIONS Shown is today’s weather. Temperatur­es are today’s highs and tonight’s lows. Yest. Today Tue. Yest. Today Tue. James (Westham): 5.18 ft. 7 a.m. Sunday, -0.02 ft. change. Water temp 79 degrees. 5.40 ft. 7 a.m. Monday, 5.10 ft. 7 a.m.Tuesday. Baltimore 79/59 Winchester 74/53 City Hi/Lo Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W 75/57 67/54/t 64/55/r 71/56 72/54/c 73/55/pc Asheville Baltimore Blacksburg Boone, NC Bristol Cape Hatteras Charleston,WV Charlotte Charlottes­ville Danville Eastern Shore Emporia Farmville Fredericks­burg Greensboro Harrisonbu­rg Lewisburg,WV Lexington Lynchburg Nags Head Norfolk Ocean City, MD Petersburg Raleigh Roanoke Staunton Virginia Beach Washington Williamsbu­rg Wilmington, NC Forecasts and graphics provided by Forecast: 75/61 79/59/pc 79/59/pc 67/50 67/52/c 68/52/r 72/54 63/54/t 63/55/r 74/57 69/56/c 71/56/t AccuWeathe­r, Inc. Washington 78/62 Manassas 77/58 Cape Charles to Chincoteag­ue Today: NE ©2020 66/48 59/48/t 58/49/r 78/60 68/58/t 68/58/t 10-20 knots, waves 3-6 ft. Water: 72 NE 10-20 knots, waves 4-8 ft. NE 10-20 knots, waves 5-9 ft. 76/57 69/53/t 68/52/r 68/61 69/65/r 72/67/r Tonight: Tomorrow: Hampton Roads to Windmill Point Today: 75/69 75/69/r 79/70/r 73/65 69/64/t 70/64/t Culpeper 76/57 71/57 75/53/c 76/54/pc 70/52 69/62/pc 68/63/r Harrisonbu­rg 72/54 81/61 67/57/t 65/59/t 78/55 71/60/t 69/61/t 74/62 75/60/c 76/59/t 81/59 65/57/r 67/59/r Fredericks­burg 77/60 NE 10-20 knots, waves 3-5 ft. Water: 69 NE 10-20 knots, waves 3-6 ft. NE 10-20 knots, waves 3-6 ft. Hot Springs 59/48 80/59 65/55/t 65/57/r 76/58 67/57/t 67/58/t Waynesboro 71/55 Tonight: Tomorrow: 73/58 71/62/c 70/63/pc 70/53 71/53/c 74/53/r Charlottes­ville 75/60 78/53 68/60/t 68/62/r 70/65 68/63/t 68/64/t Heathsvill­e 75/64 BEACH FORECAST 79/60 69/56/t 67/58/t 78/63 78/62/pc 78/62/pc Eastern Shore 71/62 77/62 77/60/c 77/60/pc 78/59 72/63/c 70/64/t Wind NE 10-20 knots today. Seas 3-6 feet. A thundersto­rm. 69 degrees. Wind NE 12-25 knots today. Seas 3-5 feet. Rain. 75 degrees. Wind NE 7-14 knots today. Seas 1-3 feet. Rain. 77 degrees. VIRGINIA BEACH: Lexington 69/56 78/59 62/55/r 62/57/r 73/64 70/62/r 73/63/r Richmond 73/61 Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thundersto­rms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. WATER TEMP: OUTER BANKS: Lynchburg 68/58 WATER Farmville 69/56 Blacksburg 63/54 TEMP: SOUTH CAROLINA: Roanoke 67/57 Williamsbu­rg 72/63 Bluefield 62/50 Hampton 70/64 Petersburg 71/60 Norton 68/52 WATER TEMP: Wytheville 63/52 Martinsvil­le 63/53 Bristol 69/53 Virginia Beach 68/63 South Hill 67/57 Danville 65/55 Emporia 68/60 TIDES 1st Hi/Lo 2nd Hi/Lo Nags Head 69/65 James River ALMANAC THE NATION Burwell Bay 6:45a/1:07a Kingsmill 7:22a/1:42a City Point 11:43a/5:54a Scotland 7:49a/2:35a Puddledock 12:01a/6:34a Rich.CityLocks 12:33a/7:19a 7:12p/1:10p 7:59p/1:53p ---/5:54p 8:41p/2:42p 12:13p/6:49p 12:56p/7:28p Sun and Moon Today Hi/Lo/W Tue. Hi/Lo/W Today Hi/Lo/W Tue. Hi/Lo/W Today Hi/Lo/W Tue. Hi/Lo/W Sunrise today Sunset tonight Moonrise today Moonset today 5:48 a.m. Richmond Internatio­nal Airport through 6 p.m. yesterday City City City 8:32 p.m. 2:37 a.m. Albuquerqu­e Anchorage Atlanta Atlantic City Augusta, GA Austin Baton Rouge Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Buffalo Burlington, VT Charleston, SC Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbia, SC Columbus Dallas Daytona Beach Denver Des Moines Detroit El Paso Fairbanks Flagstaff Fort Myers Grand Rapids Green Bay Greenville, SC Harrisburg Hartford Honolulu Houston Indianapol­is Jackson, MS Jacksonvil­le 89/64/t 89/63/s Kansas City Knoxville Las Vegas Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapoli­s Myrtle Beach Nashville New Orleans New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Pensacola Philadelph­ia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, ME Portland, OR Rapid City St. Louis Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Juan Savannah Seattle Syracuse Tampa Tulsa 90/70/pc 91/69/s 77/59/s 78/58/pc 3:16 p.m. 65/50/c 65/52/pc 78/56/t 78/56/r 107/78/s 106/77/s Temperatur­es 80/61/t 76/61/sh 100/76/s 97/72/s 77/57/c 80/57/pc New Jun 21 First Jun 28 Full Jul 5 Last Jul 12 High Low Normal high Normal low Record high Record low 79 69/61/pc 70/60/pc 91/65/pc 86/64/s 68/50/pc 73/51/s 61 Chickahomi­ny River 81/62/r 75/62/c 82/62/s 78/62/pc 63/52/r 65/52/sh 86 Ferry Point Wright Is. 9:29a/3:54a 10:12a/4:31a 9:56p/3:57p 10:39p/4:34p 93/68/s 94/65/s 79/61/pc 84/61/s 83/57/pc 93/56/pc 64 92/70/s 91/66/s 99 in 1926 87/62/pc 86/67/s 84/62/pc 86/66/s 47 in 1985 79/58/pc 64/50/c York River 87/75/t 87/75/t 84/54/pc 83/59/s Today’s Astronomy Note Yorktown Point 5:37a/11:40a 7:40a/2:06a 6:08p/--West 8:07p/2:09p 85/62/s 81/62/pc 69/55/pc 78/60/s 89/62/pc 75/51/s Precipitat­ion If you watch the sky for a couple hours you will see that all the stars appear to rotate around the North Star, which seems stationary. 84/62/pc 95/66/pc 83/68/t 90/69/pc 90/72/s 93/71/s 24 hours ending 6 p.m. yesterday Month to date Normal month to date Year to date Normal year to date Last year to date 0.00” 66/48/c 61/43/pc 73/62/r 74/63/r 72/64/pc 72/64/pc Pamunkey River 1.85” 66/54/c 70/55/s 83/59/s 85/61/pc 70/55/s 72/53/s Sweet Hall Lester Manor 8:24a/2:32a 9:55a/4:16a 8:51p/2:49p 10:45p/4:30p 1.87” 73/52/pc 78/55/s 92/75/s 91/74/s 92/78/pc 90/78/s 18.30” 74/50/pc 80/56/s 75/59/s 77/60/s 82/65/t 79/64/c Source: Longway Planetariu­m 18.86” 76/65/r 75/64/r Mattaponi River 91/66/s 90/67/s 61/51/r 66/52/sh 24.13” 76/57/s 86/64/s Wakema Walkerton 9:02a/3:25a 9:32a/4:20a 9:29p/3:28p 9:59p/4:37p 94/73/pc 94/73/pc 74/51/pc 80/55/s Pollen Cooling Degree Days 77/57/pc 82/58/s 88/70/t 89/70/t 91/72/c 90/72/pc Grasses Trees Weeds Molds 75/59/pc 79/59/s 92/70/pc 88/70/pc 93/71/s 92/72/s Index of energy consumptio­n indicating how many degrees the average temperatur­e was above 65 degrees for the day. Mobjack Bay Low Absent Absent Low 73/62/r 71/62/t Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitat­ion. Temperatur­e bands are highs for the day. East River Ent. 5:11a/11:33a 5:38p/--- 79/59/c 83/59/s Source: Allergy Partners of Richmond Piankatank River Yesterday Month to date Year to date Normal year to date Last year to date 5 93/73/s 94/73/s Dixie Jackson Creek 7:02a/1:42a 7:04a/1:32a 7:29p/1:45p 7:31p/1:35p Air Quality Index 156 84/69/t 84/67/t 296 93/61/pc 94/61/s Yesterday Today 42 Good 274 Rappahanno­ck River 85/66/c 87/66/pc Good 433 Urbanna Wares Wharf Tappahanno­ck 8:18a/2:37a 9:32a/3:55a 10:08a/4:46a 8:45p/2:40p 10:02p/3:50p 10:35p/4:49p 77/57/s 82/60/s Source: Va. Dept. of Environ. Quality 97/70/pc 97/73/s National Extremes UV Index Today 74/55/c 73/56/c For the 48 contiguous states. 79/46/s 78/45/s 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. Yeocomico River High: 104 at Gila Bend, AZ Low: 19 at Bodie State Park, CA 88/72/t 90/71/pc Lynch Point Kinsale 10:49a/4:35a 11:12a/4:34a 11:15p/4:31p 11:38p/4:30p 1 3 3 1 77/56/s 84/60/s World Extremes 74/51/pc 83/61/pc AccuWeathe­ UV Index™ The higher the number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection. Low; Moderate; High; Very High; Extreme. Potomac River 71/56/t 67/59/t High: 119 at Bilmar, Niger Low: -2 at Summit Station, Greenland 0-2 3-5 11+ 6-7 Coles Point Colonial Beach 11:23a/4:24a 11:11a/5:23a 11:49p/4:20p 11:53p/5:24p 79/57/pc 80/58/pc 8-10 77/52/pc 80/53/s Temperatur­e Trends 87/75/pc 87/74/sh Chesapeake Bay West AVERAGE RECORD ACTUAL FORECAST 93/70/s 94/71/s Clifton Beach Gt. Wicomico Dividing Creek Tangier Island 2:53a/8:41a 8:28a/2:48a 8:04a/2:15a 8:24a/2:35a 3:16p/8:37p 9:04p/2:46p 8:40p/2:13p 9:04p/2:52p 77/60/s 83/61/s 91/63/pc 87/65/s 85/65/t 83/63/pc THE WORLD Other Va., NC Points Cape Hatteras Cape Henry Fishermans Is. Sandbridge Oregon Inlet Duck Pier Kitty Hawk Wallops Island Smith Island 3:35a/9:51a 4:05a/10:19a 4:32a/10:46a 3:41a/9:50a 4:16a/10:52a 3:34a/9:43a 3:33a/9:45a 3:47a/9:52a 4:35a/11:25a 4:24p/10:39p 4:50p/11:25p 5:08p/11:40p 4:26p/10:56p 5:21p/11:27p 4:19p/10:49p 4:18p/10:51p 4:22p/10:30p 5:10p/--- Today Tue. Today Tue. Today Tue. Athens Baghdad Beijing Berlin Buenos Aires Cancun Hong Kong Jerusalem Johannesbu­rg Kabul Lagos London Madrid Mexico City Moscow Mumbai Nairobi 87/66/s 85/67/pc 58/34/pc 49/39/pc 70/55/c 71/55/c Paris 112/81/pc 113/81/pc 93/60/pc 95/60/pc 72/57/t 71/57/t Rio de Janeiro 100/68/c 98/72/pc 87/77/t 88/75/t 73/69/r 76/69/pc Rome 75/54/s 77/59/pc 74/55/t 74/55/t 77/59/pc 78/60/pc Seoul 58/54/pc 68/62/pc 82/57/pc 79/56/pc 82/63/pc 87/64/c Sydney 86/77/t 85/77/t 79/49/pc 81/53/pc 68/49/s 69/52/s Tokyo 88/82/t 88/81/sh 75/59/pc 80/64/c 87/72/pc 82/69/pc Toronto 78/60/s 82/62/s 89/82/r 87/81/t 71/52/s 76/55/s W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W OOO

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