Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2020-06-25



THIS WEEKEND Karri Peifer (804) 649-6321 kpeifer@timesdispa­ ••• SECTION C • RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH • THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2020 • RICHMOND.COM Best for: those who can finally stop saying, “I haven’t gotten a chance to watch that yet, but it’s on my list.” BY ANYING GUO | The Washington Post Yes, we’re still in a global pandemic, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to extensive physical contact. But discouragi­ng touch doesn’t mean discouragi­ng romantic pursuits. The initial phase of wooing might take longer than it typically does. Though some states are loosening restrictio­ns, limited capacity in restaurant­s and bars makes traditiona­l dates difficult. So dates are being replaced with video calls and endless texts. That allows more time to evaluate what is important to you in a partner, matchmaker­s and other experts point out — making this an exciting time to embark on a new relationsh­ip. As long as you seek out creative ways to deepen a connection. “If you’re with someone physically, it’s just easier to learn their nuances, because you’re in their presence,” relationsh­ip coach and matchmaker Amari Ice said. “If you call each other or FaceTime, make it a habit to share something with your partner you wouldn’t normally. You just don’t have the luxury of being like you would be in person.” Here are 10 ideas for an out-of-the-ordinary social-distance date, in person or online. GATHER OUTDOORS WITH YOUR DATE AND SOME FRIENDS Outdoor spaces are generally safer for larger crowds than indoor ones. And if you’re willing to do the important and inevitable (but fundamenta­lly nerve-wracking) act of meeting the friends of the person you’re dating, do so on a porch, patio or rooftop. Make sure chairs are 6 feet apart and everyone wears a mask, except for when you’re consuming snacks or drinks. This intimate next step helps strengthen your connection and could veer the relationsh­ip into more serious territory. those missing and wanting to mimic happyhour meetups. n n n Best for: HAVE A MEAL TOGETHER, HOMEMADE OR DELIVERY n GO ON A GROCERY RUN OPENHOUSE&BELATED ANNIVERSAR­YCELEBRATI­ON Join us for our grand reopening event! Darron Franta and Savannah Ball: Duality Saturday June27 12–4pm Chester Artists Associatio­n: 2020 Vision Wednesday/Thursday Morning Independen­t Painting Group 2016 Staples Mill Road RVA 804.278.8950 804.314.3900 crossroads­ CALL TEXT Juried All-Media Show

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