Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2020-06-25

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A9 • • • RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2020 Paid Advertisem­ent Hillary and Obama Want Trump Defeated. It’s payback for 2016. David Horowitz says they will fail. Trump has a secret plan . . . Ever since he first announced his presidenti­al quest — after coming down the escalator of New York’s Trump Tower — the media, the establishm­ent, and his critics in both parties belittled, demeaned, mocked, and even laughed at Donald Trump. But the billionair­e has had the last laugh and will again in 2020. And, as David Horowitz reveals in his just-released BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, Trump has been — and will continue to be — the Democrats’ worst nightmare. reveals the attacks made against Trump have been the most brutal ever mounted against a sitting president of the United States. Blinded by deep-seated hatred of his person and his policies, the left even desperatel­y tried to oust Trump in a failed impeachmen­t bid. Horowitz shows that their very attacks — targeting a man whose mission has been to “Drain the Swamp” and “Make America Great Again” — backfired, turning Trump himself into a near martyr while igniting the fervor of his “base.” In you’ll discover the left’s terrifying socialist agendas as you’ve never seen them before. Trump’s response? He’s going to steamroll this opposition in November using the same playbook he has used to win before. In you will find shocking revelation­s: BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ The 9 biggest dangers to America the left poses — their agenda will blow your mind. The Genius: Trump’s brilliant strategy has worked and will continue to work — why he’ll be president again in 2021! Show me the money: names of the billionair­es and fat cats out to get Trump. Why charter schools may prove to be a decisive issue and why the Democrats fear them. The effort to remove and destroy our duly elected president may be the greatest challenge America has faced since the Civil War, explains Horowitz. For the first time exposes the left’s strategy to take down Trump, and how Trump not only beat them at their own game, but how he’s turning the tables on them once and for all. How patriotism suddenly became “white nationalis­m” linking Trump to Hitler and the KKK. BLITZ Why Trump is at the nexus of the left’s secularism and hate pushed against Christians. Why every effort to demonize Trump and his supporters is backfiring. Obama’s agenda: how the former president casts a much greater shadow over Trump’s political woes than you ever imagined. David Horowitz is not just any author. Once a radical liberal, he turned on his far-left friends when he saw their real motives. He soon became a noted conservati­ve and author. bestseller was written before Trump was elected — so certain was Horowitz of Trump’s victory. Now, Horowitz is so certain Trump will win reelection in 2020, he’s written Hillary is not gone! plans for Trump. shows the “revenge” role she BLITZ His New York Times Trump’s Plan to Save America Big Agenda: President BUZZ ON BLITZ Donald Trump, Jr. BLITZ. says: “If you’re interested in debating deranged liberals with facts, you won’t want to miss this latest book.” FREE Offer Gov. Mike Huckabee says: BLITZ retails for $30 at bookstores everywhere, but Newsmax magazine has an incredible Offer! “A MUST read for those who want to better understand what is really happening in the ‘idea war’ for the soul of America.” FREE ACT NOW FREE and claim your copy of Mark Levin says: BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win. “An indispensa­ble book explaining why today’s Democrats are so dangerous and why President Trump is their nemesis.” Online: Sean Spicer says: Toll-free: “David’s expertise and insights and experience give him a unique understand­ing of how we got here and what it means for 2020 elections.“ 1-800-368-2670 See website for terms, conditions, and eligibilit­y.

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