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To stop virus, institute 2-week total lockdown





Europe is incorrectl­y handling the COVID-19 pandemic, with curfews and partial shutdowns. These cause maximum economic damage while providing minimal medical benefit. The virus needs human hosts to survive and multiply. The way to crush COVID-19 is with a 14-day 100% lockdown. Everything except hospitals must close for 14 days. Nobody should go anywhere. On Day 15, everything can open. Until vaccine administra­tion is widespread, universal maskwearin­g in public is a must, as well as maintainin­g social distancing of 6 feet of separation. People must self-isolate for 10 days at the first sign of any symptoms. Without community spread, testing and contact tracing can squelch small outbreaks.

The entire country needs to lock down for 14 days to stop community spread. If we could get the virus under control, then perform testing and contact tracing until vaccines are widespread, we could have our lives back.

Taking the slow approach doesn’t make sense. Eradicate the virus by giving it no human hosts for 14 days. The only cases left would be contained in hospitals if everyone followed the rules for 14 days. ALISON COOPS.


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