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U.S. cereal sales rise

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More Americans are sitting down for a bowl of cereal now that many are working and learning from home.

U.S. cereal sales had been slipping over the last decade as consumers gravitated to on-the-go options like protein bars. So far this year, retail sales of cold cereal are up nearly 10% compared to 2019, says Nielsen, a global marketing research firm.

General Mills — which makes Cheerios, Chex and Lucky Charms — said in a recent earnings presentati­on that pandemic pantry loading

“presents a

For breakfast: Cereal sales are up after many

years of decline. Companies are focusing

on product innovation and digital marketing to

keep new customers. once-in-a-generation opportunit­y to drive trial for our brands.”

General Mills doesn’t expect to keep all of those customers when the pandemic wanes. But it’s hoping product innovation and an increased emphasis on ecommerce will help.

Kellogg, which makes Frosted Flakes and Rice Krispies, said last month that its North American cereal sales were up 9% for the year despite lower demand from hotels and schools. The company is boosting marketing efforts in the second half of this year to try to keep those customers.

U.S. retail cereal sales

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