Richmond Times-Dispatch

Put offholiday­gathering until pandemic is over



We love our family. We are a strong and loving multigener­ational brood that includes country boys and city girls. We are like your family. We are America. We are African American, biracial and white. We are flag-waving Vietnam veterans and Black Lives Matter-protesting millennial­s. We are LGBTQ+ and we are celebratin­g 50 years of marriage— one man to one woman. We have underlying health conditions and we are as “healthy as a horse.” We are building new homes and we are “just getting by.” We are every family.

We were raised to respect our elders and take care of our children. Our parents taught us that. We aren’t scared of much, butwe are scared of losing any of us to COVID-19. We can’t lose my brother’s early-morning call to sing to each of us on our birthday. We can’t lose the smile of our great-nieces andgreat-nephews when they hear our voices over Zoom calls. We can’t lose any of us.

It didn’t take our beloved doctor-niece to tell us that a big Thanksgivi­ng celebratio­n was a bad idea. We already knew it. We will sit this one out. We will sacrifice for our family and yours because we love one another.

Happy Thanksgivi­ng and stay safe.



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