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Op- ed on trans lives opened eyes of teen



After reading Brenda Walker’s recent op-ed, “Transgende­r Day of Remembranc­e,” I found a new and greater appreciati­on for the transgende­r community and the battle its members often face. I was shocked by the assaults and number of murders Walker mentioned, and it made me think of how infrequent­ly we hear these stories.

We have overcome many obstacles and moved to grow stronger on many front this year. Walker’s op-ed raises public awareness of problems facing the transgende­r community and might start conversati­ons in support of trans lives. Walker calls out to those who are bystanders and encourages them to no longer be silent and to stand up for the community around them. After reading the op-ed, I looked into Side by Side, Equality Virginia and Diversity Richmond, local organizati­ons that support and campaign for LGBTQ communitie­s. I plan to take the informatio­n I learned to support them and promote it to my community.



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