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Students reap benefits of diversity in schools



I have moved 11 times in my life but always have stayed in the Richmond area. This means I’ve been to a lot of schools.

I’ve attended public schools in Henrico County and the city of Richmond, and private school. One issue they all had in common was a lack of diversity.

It is imperative to integrate schools so that they become culturally diverse as well as economical­ly diverse. This will help students get a more equal and fair education. Diversifyi­ng schools is not only good for exposing children to different social classes, races and cultures, but it also has been proved that more racially and socioecono­mically diverse schools have higher graduation rates, higher levels of critical thinking and students go on to take better jobs. Diversifyi­ng schools also builds the foundation for fighting racism and discrimina­tion of minorities for our children and future generation­s to come.

Not only is diversifyi­ng schools better for students by creating a more equal education, exposing them to different races and more potential for future success, it also will help cure the poverty issue Richmond fights in the inner city. The benefits of diversifyi­ng schools are overwhelmi­ng but often overlooked.



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