Richmond Times-Dispatch

Amazon HQ2 in Arlington might pose problems



With regard to Chris Gentilviso’s recent editorial “Amazon HQ2: A higher calling,” I agree that the Amazon HQ2 project will bring many jobs to Virginians. But I disagree with the assertion that HQ2 will bring prosperity to locally owned businesses during the pandemic. Current trends show that rich companies will continue to get richer and struggling businesses will continue to struggle. According to a

2019 Economic Policy Institute report, CEO income has increased by 940% in the same period that worker income has increased by just 12%. Amazon is profiting during the pandemic while local businesses struggle to stay afloat, as seen by the 26 COVID-19-related local shop closures that have occurred as of Sept. 25.

Additional­ly, Arlington’s ethnic and cultural identity will be overpowere­d by the corporate giant. Residents of diverse South Arlington have expressed concern about rising housing costs associated with the headquarte­rs, forcing them to move elsewhere. Arlington residents face a tough choice: Work for the Amazon HQ2 and feel detached from their community, or suffer economic losses.



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