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3GOPsenato­rs rebukeChas­e over ‘ hate’ post about Va. Dems

- BY ANDREWCAIN acain@timesdispa­ (804) 649-6645 Twitter: @AndrewCain­RTD Amy Friedenber­ger of The Roanoke Times contribute­d to this report.

Three fellow Republican state senators took to social media to rebuke Sen. Amanda Chase, a GOP candidate for governor, for charging that Virginia Democrats “hate white people” and are seeking the Richmond registrar’s ouster because she is white.

Sen. Mark Obenshain, R-Rockingham, tweeted on Monday: “I’ve been repeatedly asked to comment on Amanda Chase’s most recent offensive statements, as reported on Sunday in the RTD. Quite honestly, I just don’t have the time to address every crazy thing she says. It would be a full time job.”

Chase, R-Chesterfie­ld, made the charges in a Facebook post Friday night. She asserted in an interview Saturday that “this has become a race issue” because of what she termed “a blatant double standard.” She said that if Virginia Democrats are seeking the resignatio­n or removal of Richmond registrar Kirk Showalter, they also should hold Henrico County registrar Mark J. Coakley and Chesterfie­ld registrar Constance L. Hargrove accountabl­e. Coakley is white, and Hargrove is African American.

Chase said Democrats should hold Coakley accountabl­e because a cache of early votes on a mislabeled computer memory stick were not included in the county’s initial absentee voting totals. She said Democrats should hold Hargrove accountabl­e for not allowing a Republican to observe ameeting to consider the validity of provisiona­l ballots.

Sen. Steve Newman, R-Lynchburg, wrote that Chase “again decided to misuse the race issue for personal gain,” adding that “Her reported statement that Virginia Democrats ‘hate white people’ is just so wrong.”

“Over the years I have worked with many of my Senate Democrat colleagues and I know they strongly disagree with me on many, many topics, but I do not know one of them that meets this definition,” Newman wrote.

“I understand that Amanda may represent a very small group of Virginians who would agree with this statement and even worse. But this is not the position of conservati­ves, Republican­s and good Virginians of honor.”

Sen. Bill Stanley, RFranklin County, wrote that “conservati­ves don’t stand for fueling division and hate, no matter what the other side tries to do to us, or says about us. We are the party of Lincoln, not of Chase.”

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