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Ethiopia again warns of loomingmil­itary assault


NAIROBI, Kenya— The Ethiopian government is again warning residents of the besieged capital of the Tigray region as the clock ticks on a 72-hour ultimatum before a military assault, saying “anything can happen.”

Senior official Redwan Hussein told reporters Monday that the Tigray regional leaders are “hiding out in a densely populated city; the slightest strike would end up losing lives.”

Human rights groups and others were alarmed over the weekend when the Ethiopian army warned civilians in the Tigray capital, Mekele, that there would be “no mercy” if they don’t “save themselves” before the offensive to flush out defiant regional leaders.

Amnesty Internatio­nal warns that deliberate­ly attacking civilians and civilian objects “is prohibited under internatio­nal humanitari­an law and constitute­s war crimes.”

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