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Life skills instructio­n needed in curriculum



I have been in school for the past 12 years and nowama legal adult, but I don’t know anything about actually being an adult. I know how to find inverse trig ratios when asked, but I don’t know how to boostmycre­dit score, pay taxes or protect myself from identity theft. What I do know, I’ve learned frommy parents and not school.

Life skills aren’t a universal graduation requiremen­t in Virginia, so how wouldwe know these things? Some high schools require an economics and personal finance class, but the skills needed are more than just a class. As I think about leaving the nest in a fewmonths, I realize I have no clue what I’m doing. If high school is gettingmer­eady for college, will college getme ready for the real world?

Surveys have shown that employers perceive high school as having toomuch of an emphasis on subject matter rather than soft skills. Employers want a greater focus on selfmanage­ment skills like time management and emotional intelligen­ce. Having more responsibl­e young adults helps society as awhole. Weneed tomake life skills education a universal requiremen­t to help everyone. SYDNEY BREARLEY.


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