Richmond Times-Dispatch

Stay safe: 6 feet away is better than 6 feet under



No matter your political party affiliatio­n or preference, we— all the people in our city, county, commonweal­th and nation— impact one another. While this is true in all we do, it is most conspicuou­s with our health and with COVID-19. Weall must wear masks, practice safe social distancing and frequently wash our hands. It is not political. It is not a “restrictio­n” of anyone’s freedom. It is a fact of life. Literally. Weall are in the same boat on one planet. If there is a hole in the boat, we all are going down. So, rest at home instead of rest in peace. Six feet away is better than 6 feet under. If we succeed with our health, we will do fine with our wealth. Weall are in this together. Let’s just do it.



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