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Dear Abby: I moved to town not long before the pandemic and don’t have many close friends here. One of my best friends is a co-worker, “Ronna,” whom I love dearly.

Ronna has had an extremely rough past, including an extensive history of parental abuse that has left her thinskinne­d and suspicious of authority figures. Because of this, she’s constantly butting heads with ourmanagem­ent team and confrontin­g them about perceived slights.

While some of the points shemakes are reasonable, many are taken too personally or blown way out of proportion, and she tends to act very dramatic/livid about it. I’mlooking to move up in the company, and I’mtorn between loyalty to my friend and the need to remain on good terms with our higher-ups.

I’malso worried that my friendline­ss withmanage­ment will lead to Ronna resenting or distrustin­g me. How can I safely navigate? — IN THE MIDDLE IN COLORADO

Dear In The Middle: Do not involve yourself in Ronna’s problems on the job. If you do, they will spill over onto you. Maintain your personal relationsh­ip with her away from the office, while networking and trying to widen your circle of friends.

From what you have written, I doubt that Ronna will be working for your employermu­ch longer. Workers who react in a “very dramatic/livid” manner are usually laid off because their behavior is unprofessi­onal and disruptive.

Dear Abby: I amhaving problems withmy baby dad helping me with our 2-year-old daughter. I don’t like the idea of putting him on child support. I have tried counseling with him. In addition to asking him to step up, I have tried giving him lists of what our daughter needs, and he still isn’t helping. Instead he’s asking me to help with his bills.

I don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to go after child support since he now has two jobs. I need his help, but I don’t know how to get him to contribute. Any ideas? — STRUGGLING­MOMIN OHIO

DearMom: You have tried asking, you have tried counseling. Theonly option left to convince him to step up to the plate and fulfill his obligation­s as a father is to contact Child Support Services and ask for help.

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