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Women’s MBA enrollment steady in 2020


The percentage of women enrolled in business school is holding steady in 2020, despite threats to women’s economic well-being brought on by the pandemic, new research finds.

Applicatio­ns to MBA programs increased in 2020. Meanwhile, women’s enrollment at MBA programs appears to be stable this year as compared to last, according to Forté, a nonprofit focused on gender parity in business and business schools.

A master’s degree in business administra­tion, or another graduate degree, can help more women advance to leadership positions.

In the fall of 2020, women’s share of enrollment at Forté’s 52 member schools – which represent the top MBA programs in the U.S., Europe and Canada – remained the same as last year at 39% in US schools and 36% for schools abroad.

“The good news is that despite challenges women face in the pandemic, such as a greater share of job losses, their enrollment in business school did not decline overall,” said Forté CEO Elissa Sangster. “But the surge in applicatio­ns, which typically occurs during a recession, did not spark a correspond­ing climb in women pursuing an MBA. So, we will need to place even greater emphasis on women’s enrollment to ensure we don’t backslide.”

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