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There truly is much forwhich to be thankful



I amgrateful for cheerful people. They provide sunshine throughout our days. I amgrateful for family, and the family of mankind. I am thankful for those offering help, and for those who say “Please” and “Thank you.”

I amgrateful for problemsol­vers and risk-takers. They are responsibl­e for the progress we make as neighbors and civilizati­ons.

I amgrateful for leaders who formulate our codes of law, and for those who honorably serve to apply equal treatment of enforcemen­t and protection of our liberties under our laws.

I amthankful for a political system that allows a process to change our laws. I am grateful that our system requires debate, thought and consensus to effect change. I amgrateful to live in a country with boundless opportunit­ies. I amgrateful for having freedom of religion and expression.

I amgrateful for the innate kindness, goodness and charity that constantly surfaces among our people, even in the darkest hours. I amgrateful for our ability to continue lifetime education and adapt to changes in technology.

I amgrateful for people who specialize in treating the mental and physical affliction­s of humankind. They allow us to more fully enjoy arts, entertainm­ent, architectu­ral wonders, recreation­al areas, cultural cuisines and social interactio­n.

I amgrateful for those who do beyond what is expected of them. Today, they are our first responders and modern-day heroes supplying the basic needs of our society under adverse conditions. They work in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, nursing homes, manufactur­ing, transporta­tion and other places of critical need.

I amthankful for our educators. They find ways to continue to mentor our children when health concerns make it a difficult task.

I amthankful that schools, businesses, houses of worship and families can interact remotely in times of pandemic and quarantine. I am thankful that we learn from adversity and prioritize.

I amgrateful for the sound of children laughing, good news and bad news resolved. I amthankful for optimistic people who encourage us to help one another get through tough times, be patient until a sense of normality returns and prepare for the future.



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