Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2020-11-26

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A13 ••• RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2020 Actions Speak Louder Carlos M. Brown Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer Dominion Energy At Dominion Energy, Actions Speak Louder. That means we believe our actions in the community show who we are. Actions Speaker Louder isn’t just true for the company, it’s also true for our employees and leaders. One of his passions is helping youth reach their potential. Carlos served on the board of the Brookfield Education Foundation, which funds organizati­ons dedicated to supporting at-risk youth, and he has coached in several capacities, including little league football through the Virginia Randolph Athletic Associatio­n, Greenwood Elementary School’s Destinatio­n Imaginatio­n team, and Thomas Jefferson High School’s Mock Trial team. Carlos M. Brown is Dominion Energy’s Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. Carlos joined Dominion Energy in 2007 and has held several executive positions at the company. But what Carlos has enjoyed most is the support he has received from Dominion Energy for his community involvemen­t. When he is not managing legal, environmen­tal, and compliance affairs for one of the nation’s largest utilities, or carpooling around one of his four children, he finds opportunit­ies to give back in ways that improve peoples’ lives. Carlos has also found ways to leverage his profession­al experience to benefit the region and the Commonweal­th by serving as a member of the boards of directors of the Richmond Metropolit­an Transporta­tion Authority, Christophe­r Newport University, the Commonweal­th Transporta­tion Board, the Central Virginia Transporta­tion Authority, NextUp, the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, the University of Virginia Law School Alumni Council, and the Dominion Energy Credit Union. Carlos is also a co- founder of our African American Resource Group, where he partners with others to create a more diverse and inclusive culture at the company. Carlos has worked with groups like Feed More to address food insecurity for the region; Boaz & Ruth, an organizati­on that helps returning citizens re- integrate after serving their debt to society, where he served as chairman of the board; and CapitalSou­rce, which provides funding to small, women-, and minority- owned businesses. “Dominion Energy recognizes that our obligation as a corporate citizen extends beyond simply engaging in prudent commerce. Our charge is to do good while doing well, and to improve our communitie­s at every opportunit­y.” — Carlos Brown To find out more about our corporate policy, visit https://www. dominionen­ergy. com/our- company/ leadership- and- governance.