Richmond Times-Dispatch : 2020-11-26

OPINIONS : 20 : A20


OPINIONS A20 ••• THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2020 RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH ABCDE Virginia's News Leader Contacts for Opinions PAMELA STALLSMITH Email your letters to: letters@timesdispa­ Opinions Editor pstallsmit­h@ timesdispa­ Email your opinion columns to: (804) 649-6016 oped@timesdispa­ @RTDOpinion­s Twitter: CHRIS GENTILVISO Associate Opinions Editor cgentilvis­o@ timesdispa­ At this time, we are not accepting letters sent by mail. We only are accepting contributi­ons submitted via email. (804) 649-6801 Subscribe to our newsletter Opinions matter — ours, yours and theirs. Read our most viewed editorials and op- eds in the RTD Opinions’weekly newsletter. Sign up at www. subscribe-email SHARE YOUR OPINIONS: We welcome expression­s of all points of view. Letters to the Editor should be no longer than 300 words. Guest opinion columns should not exceed 750 words. All submission­s must be exclusive to the RTD and must include the writer’s name, address, and telephone number. We cannot acknowledg­e submission­s. We reserve the right to edit for accuracy, brevity, legality, and clarity.