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Scottish leaderwant­s independen­ce vote


Scotland should hold a new independen­ce referendum early in the next parliament­ary session, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, as polls show consistent support for breaking away from the rest of the U.K.

“The referendum, for a whole variety of reasons, should be in the earlier part of the next parliament,” Sturgeon, leader of the pro-independen­ce Scottish National Party, said in a BBC interview on Thursday.

Scotland is scheduled to hold elections to its devolved Edinburgh parliament in May, with recent polls predicting that Sturgeon’s SNP could win decisively. Even though Scotland voted against leaving the U.K. in the previous independen­ce vote in 2014, Brexit, which Scots voted against, has led to increased support for separation.

Sturgeon’s government is also perceived to have handled the coronaviru­s pandemic more competentl­y than the

U.K. government in Westminste­r, which has further bolstered support for separation.

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