Richmond Times-Dispatch

Safe driving habits can save lives



Why do some drivers think it is OK to get behind the wheel of a car and not use the turn signals? After all, we know we should not drive with the car’s back and side win

dows covered with ice and snow. We should not drive with a burned-out headlight or taillight, or with our headlights off during a rainstorm. We know we should not drive with worn-out tires or an expired inspection sticker, and we know not to drive without buckling our seat belts. We also know we should not drive while we are playing with our cellphones, and we know we should not drive while putting on makeup.

Yet, many of us do some or all of the above. What has happened to us that we have become so lax when we drive? I think it is time to start driving like our lives depend on it, because we know that they do. MARVIN L. PALEY.


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