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Slaking a thirst for Slack


Business software pioneer Salesforce. com’s nearly $ 30 billion purchase of Slack aims to give the two companies a better shot at competing against longtime industry powerhouse Microsoft.

Salesforce already leads in its specialty of customer- relationsh­ip software, known as CRM, a suite of tools that helps organizati­ons manage customer relationsh­ips.

Salesforce holds 18.4% of the $ 60.3 billion CRM market, far ahead of its nearest competitor­s SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and

Adobe, according to research group IDC.

But Salesforce, which helped pioneer cloud computing and software as a service, is trailing Microsoft in the broader competitio­n for cloud- based services.

Scooping up Slack, a popular work collaborat­ion tool fighting a tough battle against Microsoft’s similar Teams service, is designed to help complement Salesforce’s suite of online offerings.

Analysts say it could also place the San Francisco software company in a better position to catch up to bigger cloud players.

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