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Dear Abby: My husband came down with COVID and has been having a hard time getting over it.

When he first started showing the symptoms, I took him to a drivethrou­gh medical clinic and got him tested for COVID. The results were negative, so a couple of days later, I carpooled with a friend to another friend’s house where seven other friends had gathered.

Several days later, whenmy husband still wasn’t improving, I took him to an ER where they did another COVID test. This time it came out positive.

I thought I owed it to whomever I was around at the get-together to tell them aboutmy husband. At this gettogethe­r, we all woremasks. We took them off only to eat and then put them back on.

It has been more than 14 days since my husband got sick, and although he is not yet over the virus, I haven’t come down with it.

I thoughtmy friends would be supportive of me and whatmy husband is going through.

However, I learned fromone of these “friends” of more than 20 years that they formed a private Facebook group to discuss how each one has been doing on a daily basis, and I was not invited to participat­e.

I feel betrayed by these paranoid friends.

At this point, I don’t think I can ever look at any of them the same way. I have been contemplat­ing endingmy friendship with all of them. What do you think? — KICKED WHEN DOWN IN OKLAHOMA

Dear Kicked: I think you should ask the friend who told you about the private Facebook group whether any of the women got sick after that gettogethe­r.

If the answer is yes, make an appointmen­t and have yourself COVIDteste­d — twice, if necessary — to ensure that you are not a symptomles­s carrier. If it turns out that you are positive, tell your friends.

If you test negative, your first priority should be to help your husband get well and protect yourself from getting the virus.

As to whether you should end your relationsh­ip with these “distanced” friends, from the way they are behaving, it appears they may have ended their relationsh­ip with YOU, and for that you havemy sympathy.

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