Richmond Times-Dispatch

Two distinct letters reflect on change



The Richmond Times-Dispatch published two idiosyncra­tic letters recently: “Life Skills Needed in Curriculum” by Sydney Brearley and “Paintcover­ed monument a bold tribute to future” by Kelly Wiggins McDilda. Although these letters are relating to different subjects, to me they mirror similar struggles.

One letter discusses how high school should prepare students more for the real world by instructin­g on the how-tos of adulthood. The other assesses the contrasts of Monument Avenue’s statues of yesteryear and of today, and the significan­ce behind leaving the now Crayola-embellishe­d Robert E. Lee standing as is.

The more our leaders divide us with their in-your-face colloquies on race and gender, the more I wonder what their true agenda might be hiding. Because, in my opinion, the more dissection our thespian leaders can create within their many factions, then disharmony becomes their greatest weapon. Besides, is it really what’s on the surface that is causing our problems? Or, is it really the same as it always has been: power and money interweavi­ng a privileged class-system concealed within systemic discrimina­tion?

Yes, two different letters, written on two different topics. And yet, I can’t help but wonder if somehow power and money won’t be the motivation­s, and not our newly found progressiv­ism, which will be the actual influence for change. Not all the people, of course, but to their own advantage.



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