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Dear Abby: Theworld seems bleak to many of us who are self-quarantine­d. I ordered quarts of ice cream from a local ice cream company, picked them up at the store with coolers and ice packs in my car and delivered them to the front doors of several friends. As I was driving away, I called and told them to check their porch. They were all surprised and pleased to have a little pick-me-up for their day.

Last night, one of these friends dropped off cinnamon rolls. She knocked and left. She wanted them to be at our house for breakfast today. Neither of these were big, expensive items, but they brought a smile when there isn’t much to smile about these days. — PAY IT FORWARD IN THE SOUTH

Dear Pay It: Comfort food comes in many forms— ice cream, baked goods of every variety, chocolate. And it’s all the more tasty when shared among friends as you have described.

Dear Abby: I’mreally uncomforta­ble aboutmy father’s new relationsh­ip. He is 50 and dating a girl who is 19— only two years older than I am. She went to my high school.

I think their age difference is disgusting. He knows how I feel about it, and he doesn’t care. We fought, and I told him I wouldn’t talk to him anymore. I would rather live withmymomf­ull time than spend half my time at his house.

I haven’t seen or spoken to him in more than a month, and I amhurt that he would choose his girlfriend over me

Without him in my life I feel like something is missing. I have lost respect for him. I feel like he is a pervert.

It makesme wonder if he treats his girlfriend like his daughter and tries to parent her, too — which is just creepy. What can I do to feel better? — HATES DAD’S TEEN ROMANCE

Dear Hates: When there is that great an age difference, the older person is usually the one calling the shots, and the balance of power in the relationsh­ip is unequal. If your father is parenting her, it may be because she needs a “daddy” and it makes him feel important.

You’ll start feeling better as soon as you accept that you can’t control what your father does and realize that his relationsh­ip with your contempora­ry may not last. In the meantime, focus on your studies.

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