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Global rebound?


The global economy last year suffered its worst plunge in output in more than seven decades after the coronaviru­s inflicted a devastatin­g blow.

But a rebound — tentative and likely subdued but neverthele­ss healthy — should take root this year, as long as the economy manages to withstand an array of threats.

That’s the view of the World Bank in its latest economic forecast. It estimates that global output shrank 4.3% in 2020 — the sharpest fall since a 9.8% drop in 1945, when the world was beginning to demobilize after its buildup for World War II.

The World Bank said it foresees growth rebounding to 4% this year. That would be the most robust gain since a 4.4% rise in 2010, when the world was beginning to emerge from the Great Recession.

But the World Bank cautions that any one of several risks — from a failure to properly manage a resurgence of the virus to continuing delays in distributi­ng and administer­ing vaccines — could potentiall­y reduce global growth to a meager 1.6%.

 ??  ?? Source: World Bank
Source: World Bank
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