Richmond Times-Dispatch

Impeach, convict and bar Trump



Congress has a constituti­onal responsibi­lity as the only branch of our government that formally can challenge the conduct the conduct of President Donald Trump. Therefore it must move to impeach, and the Senate to convict and thus bar him from any future office. In the immediate days ahead, the Congress would be asserting the rule of law as the prime foundation of our democracy to a public in shock and to members of that insurrecti­onist mob that Trump is not an untouchabl­e autocrat.

Those in that mob and their associates must know that another autocrat will not be acceptable and vigorously will be opposed. Congress has that constituti­onal responsibi­lity to shore up the beliefs in truth, the faith in the best of ourselves, the validity of the best of our dreams and the courage to call to account anyone— foreign or domestic — who attacks our democracy and its constituen­t pillars. Beyond us, the world of democracie­s and strivers for democracy need our reality to strengthen or restore their faith in democracy.

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