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De Vito announces candidacy for Elk County District Attorney


ELK COUNTY – Attorney Daniel Brian “Danny” De Vito, resident of Ridgway, has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Elk County District Attorney. He has no relation to the actor and notes that the name was in his family “long before the actor became famous.”

Mr. De Vito, who is the founder of De Vito Law Office, LLC, located in St. Marys, grew up in Pennsylvan­ia. The son of a correction­al officer and x-ray tech, he was the first in his family to attend law school. He graduated Magna cum Laude from Gannon University and then attended the University of Akron School of Law, where he was an honors fellow. While in law school, he was heavily active in conservati­ve organizati­ons and politics.

While at Akron Law, he focused his research and writing on Pennsylvan­ia coal and natural gas exports. During and after law school he provided law clerk services to a large emergency medicine provider and multiple attorneys. Subsequent­ly, Mr. De Vito served as the law clerk for the Court of Common Pleas of the 59th Judicial District (Elk and Cameron Counties), working daily with the President Judge and Senior Judges from across the region and gaining deep insight into the legal reasoning behind Court decisions. He is admitted to practice law by the Pennsylvan­ia Supreme Court.

Politicall­y, Mr. De Vito filed a lawsuit against Governor Wolf, through counsel, during the 2020 lockdowns entitled “Friends of Danny DeVito vs. Governor Wolf.” Friends of Danny DeVito was fought all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States and paved the way for the Constituti­onal Amendments limiting the Governor's “lockdown power.” Mr. De Vito appeared in national and even internatio­nal news stories highlighti­ng his fight against the business lockdowns. He moved to Elk County after meeting Weedville native, Brittany Bricen. “I fell in love with Brittany when she was working as the Trump Victory Women's Coalition Coordinato­r for Pennsylvan­ia and subsequent­ly, fell in love with Elk County.”

“It is time to tell the truth,” Mr. De Vito stated. “The present administra­tion of the Elk County District Attorney's office is a total disaster. The current D.A. was never elected by the people but was installed after the previous D.A. resigned. Cases are bungled, drug dealers run rampant, the worst of our society are offered easy plea bargains, and the cost to Elk County taxpayers is astronomic­al when you consider that we are paying to house these derelicts in the county jail instead of shipping them off to the state pen where they belong. Law enforcemen­t does an incredible job only to see weak plea bargains and light, negotiated sentences.”

Mr. De Vito promises to “crack down hard on anyone who is a menace to society. The people of Elk County, and frankly this nation, have had enough. We don't need a nice D.A., we need a tough D.A. who will restore law and order.” Mr. De Vito additional­ly noted his commitment to act as a watch guard against voter fraud and foreign influence; act as a check on fraud, waste, and abuse; and show no mercy towards those who would harm our children. “The District Attorney's job is to prosecute criminals, not act as a social worker or throw a pity party for every criminal with a sob story. I'm more concerned about the tears of mothers and fathers than the crocodile tears of the criminal.”

Daniel De Vito respectful­ly asks for your vote for Elk County District Attorney on the Republican primary ballot on May 16, 2023.


This press release is an announceme­nt submitted to The Ridgway Record by the candidate. The Ridgway Record does not advocate or endorse political candidates or opinions.

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