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Casting of the lots held in Ridgway on Tuesday

- By Brian D. Stockman Staff Writer

RIDGWAY-- After the last day for filing nomination petitions, the Secretary of the Commonweal­th must fix a day for casting lots to determine the position of names on the primary ballots.

March 14, 2023, was selected this year, with the meeting set to begin at 11 a.m. The casting of lots for all public offices is traditiona­lly conducted for Elk County at the Courthouse Annex. Each candidate for public office is allowed to roll a number to determine their position on the primary ballot. The candidate who draws the lower number receives the higher place on the primary ballot. If a candidate is not present at the ballot position lottery, the candidate may authorize a proxy to draw the candidate's lot on their behalf. If the candidate or a representa­tive is not present, a member of the Election Board will draw the candidate's lot.

In cases where only one candidate is on the ballot, they will be the only ones listed. In cases of no candidates, there will only be a write-in box. In cases of multiple candidates, ballot positions will be listed numericall­y after their name and party affiliatio­n. Because there will be two ballots, one Republican, one Democratic, there will be different ballot positions based on parties for candidates who have cross-filed.

Under county-wide races, there are five positions up for election. For District Attorney Danny DeVito secured the first spot on the ballot, followed by current District Attorney Beau Grove. The Elk County Commission­ers are all up for election this year, with six candidates on the ballot. For the Democratic ballot, Raymond Krise secured the top spot, with current Commission­er Matthew Quesenberr­y in second place. On the Republican side, current Commission­er Fritz Lecker secured the first line with Peggy Schneider in second, Greg Bebauer in third, and Marty Rosenfeld rounding out the field in fourth. Three people are running for the four-year County Auditor position. On the Democratic side, Siobhan Voss is the sole candidate, while on the Republican ticket, current Auditors Sandra Caltagaron­e garnered the first spot, followed by Jean Zore. There are no opponents for Elk County Prothonota­ry, so Susanne StraubSchn­eider will be the only candidate on the Republican ballot. Lee Neureiter is also the only candidate running for the County Register and Recorder position and will sit alone on the Republican ballot. For the four-year position of County Treasurer, Mathew Frey secured the top spot, followed by Connie Saline-Herzing. Michelle Muccio-Krise is the sole candidate for County Coroner and will appear alone on the

Republican ballot, as will Todd Caltagaron­e, who is running to secure his position again for four years as the County Sheriff. Current Magisteria­l Judge Mark Jacob is cross-filing on the ballot and will appear on both the Republican and Democratic primary ballots.

For Benezette Township, Supervisor Robert Davis faces no challenger­s on the Republican ticket and no challenger­s on the Democratic side. Fox Township Supervisor Randy Gradizzi is also the sole candidate on the Democratic ticket. Carrie Dempsey is the sole candidate for the Highland Township four-year Supervisor position on the Republican ticket. Two Republican­s are also running on the ticket for the two-year position of Highland Township Supervisor, with Robert Reigel securing the top spot, followed by Craig Rex. For Horton Township Supervisor, a six-year term, two Republican­s are on the ballot, with Tim Hutchins securing the top place followed by Gordon Kent Buzard. For six-year terms as Supervisor, there are no opponents for Democrat Kathy Blake in Jay Township or for Millstone Township's James Zimmerman.

In Ridgway Township, current Supervisor Chris Klase is run

ning unopposed on the Republican ticket, as is current Township Auditor Laura McCartney. There are three candidates for the position of Johnsonbur­g Borough Council Person, with James DeAngelo running unopposed on the Democratic ticket, while Scott Cherry and J.R. DePanfilis are in the number one and two positions on the Republican ballot, respectful­ly. Six candidates are running for the Ridgway Borough Council Person, with Zack Pontious securing the top place on the Democratic ticket and Frank Quattrone in the second position. On the Republican side, Susan Bonini secured the first position, with Chris Matheson in second, Keith Mader in third, and Ralph Dussia in fourth. For the role of Johnsonbur­g Area School Director at large, three opponents will appear on the primary ballot for the Democrats. Sarah Di-Nardo Grunthaner secured the first position, followed by Andrew Leslie in second and Corine Christoff in third.

For the City of St. Marys Council Person, Democratic candidate Bob Roberts is unopposed. At the same time, on the Republican side, Stephen Bagley secured the top primary position, followed by Anthony Gregory in second, with Joe Sarginer in the third spot. Erin Burke is running unopposed for the City of St. Marys Constable position.

The biggest race in the county is taking place with the Ridgway Area School Director-atLarge position with five candidates on the ballot, four of which have crossfiled as both Democrat and Republican; Amy Goode secured the top spot on both the Democratic and Republican ticket, followed by Peter Coffman in the second place on the Democratic ticket and third place on the Republican side. Padraic McGrath secured third place on the Democratic ballot and second place on the Republican ticket. Johna Holtz is in the fourth spot on the Democrat ticket and fifth place on the Republican side. Paul McCurdy secured the fourth spot on the Republican primary ballot. Lou Radkowski and

Stacy McKee are unopposed in their crossfiled bids to retain their St. Mary's Area School Directors positions. Finally, three candidates are cross-filed as both Republican­s and Democrats on the ballot for St. Marys Area School Director for Region Three. Melissa Lundin secured the top spot on the Republican ticket and second place on the Democrat ballot. Amy Klaiber secured the top spot on the Democratic side and the third position on the Republican side. Therese Rosenfeld will be listed third on the Democratic and second on the Republican ballot.

As a reminder to all voters, the last day to register to vote before the Primary is May 1, with the Municipal Primary to be held on May 16 and the general Municipal Election taking place on November 7. For more informatio­n, contact the Elk County Board of Elections on the website at co.elk. pa.us or call 814-7765337.

 ?? Photo by Brian D. Stockman ?? Elk County Chief Clerk Pat Straub, Commission­er Joe Daghir, and Director of Elections Kimberly Frey.
Photo by Brian D. Stockman Elk County Chief Clerk Pat Straub, Commission­er Joe Daghir, and Director of Elections Kimberly Frey.
 ?? Photo by Brian D. Stockman ?? The Casting of the lots in Ridgway on Tuesday.
Photo by Brian D. Stockman The Casting of the lots in Ridgway on Tuesday.

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