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There’s a good re­ac­tion bite right now for those toss­ing crank baits, buzz baits, and top wa­ter frogs. Once the sun is up, look for any grass that is lo­cated near or around deeper tulle points and try flip­ping jigs or any other crea­ture baits in or around the grass. Cur­rent is also im­por­tant this time of year as mov­ing wa­ter is a lit­tle cooler, moves the bait around, and con­tains more oxy­gen.

New Melones Lake:

Koka­nee fish­ing has fi­nally turned on. An­glers are do­ing well while trolling pink hootchies be­hind a sling blade. Lim­its are be­ing caught by an­glers trolling at 40 feet deep early in the morn­ing. Bass fish­ing re­mains good for num­bers of smaller fish with the bigger ones be­ing few and far be­tween. An­glers are do­ing well while toss­ing Zoom Flukes and jigs to the edge of vis­i­ble mud lines. An­glers drop shot­ting are also do­ing well while fish­ing be­tween 25 and 40 feet deep. Cat­fish­ing has been re­ally good for those fish­ing at night with tra­di­tional cat­fish baits. Bluegill and crap­pie con­tinue to bite for those fish­ing with ei­ther a min­now or worm un­der a bob­ber in the backs of coves.

Lake Don Pe­dro:

Koka­nee are dom­i­nat­ing the scene on the lake right now. Grave­yard Bay, Cop­per Moun­tain, Oat Hill, and off Hatch Creek are the best ar­eas right now. The most pro­duc­tive set­ups are Sock­eye Slam­mers, Scor­pion Spin­ners, and Fire Tiger Koka­nee Killers in tan­dem with a Vance’s 4/0 dodger. Fish are be­ing caught be­tween 30 and 60 feet deep. Bass fish­ing for num­bers is re­ally good right now on small worms dur­ing the day and top wa­ter lures dur­ing the morn­ing and evening hours.

Lake Amador:

Later in the day and early in the morn­ing school­ing fish can be spot­ted through­out the lake feeding on shad. This type of feeding ac­tiv­ity can lead to some of the most ex­cit­ing top wa­ter ac­tion an angler can find. Just make sure to wait for the school to become ac­tive be­fore toss­ing your lure into the frenzy. If you don’t wait for the fish to be­gin feeding you may scare the school off. Night fish­ing re­mains good for those fish­ing large power worms and spin­ner baits.

Lake Pardee:

There are still trout be­ing planted into the lake which has made it nice for those that are fish­ing off the bank. An­glers fish­ing off the bank are do­ing well while fish­ing in the launch ramp cove with their fa­vorite trout baits. An­glers trolling for trout are hav­ing bet­ter luck search­ing for koka­nee as the koka­nee bite seems to be im­prov­ing weekly. An­glers trolling for koka­nee are find­ing them schooled up be­tween 30 and 50 feet deep.


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