Win­ning That Fi­nal Rose …


An­other one of “the most dra­matic sea­sons ever” of the Bach­e­lor/Bach­e­lorette has come and gone.

In this case, it was the Bach­e­lorette that just wrapped up with its sea­son fi­nale on Aug. 6 and the pseudo- re­al­ity show hosted by Chris Har­ri­son is known for al­ways be­ing “the most dra­matic sea­son ever” – no mat­ter what sea­son they are in. There are count­less “shock­ing” mo­ments and the “worst heartbreak” ever but, of course, that is to be ex­pected. What else could we an­tic­i­pate when more than two dozen guys vie for the at­ten­tion and ul­ti­mate love of one woman? (Or in the case of the Bach­e­lor, flip that and it’s 24-plus girls bat­tling it out for one man.)

Don’t get me wrong, I have been in­doc­tri­nated into the Bach­e­lor Na­tion and must con­fess, it is def­i­nitely my guilty plea­sure. My news­room staff thought that was just hi­lar­i­ous that I would get drawn into the drama but I put it this way; I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I usu­ally only swear on Tues­days (dead­line day pres­sure, you know) – so please, let me have my Bach­e­lor and Bach­e­lorette.

Through the won­der of Dvring, I don’t have to miss it. The show runs on Mon­day nights and since that is prime time for get­ting last minute things done for the pa­pers, in­clud­ing usu­ally writ­ing the front page for Escalon, my Mon­day nights are spent in front of my com­puter typ­ing away. So the DVR does its work and, Tues­day nights, af­ter all the dead­lines are over and breath­ing re­turns to nor­mal, I can en­joy the show.

It is def­i­nitely a rit­ual at our house. For the past few years, since my room­mate got me hooked on the show, the three of us – my daugh­ter, the room­mate and I – set­tle in on Tues­day nights to watch the drama un­fold. The first night, when all the hope­fuls ar­rive to meet that sea­son’s bach­e­lor or bach­e­lorette, we put their names in a hat and draw them out, pick­ing our peo­ple at ran­dom. One by one, they get crossed off the list as they are sent home in the “most heart-wrench­ing break up ever” in the his­tory of the show. It gives us peo­ple to cheer for and, amaz­ingly enough, we all seem to hang on to one guy (or girl) right through to the end. This sea­son, we each had at least one per­son in the fi­nal four that got to go on the home­town dates. My daugh­ter ended up with two in the fi­nal three and my room­mate had the other – they went head to head in the fi­nale and my daugh­ter came out the win­ner.

That’s be­cause Becca, this sea­son’s Bach­e­lorette, chose Gar­rett, who was on my daugh­ter’s list.

Truth be told, we were all sort of pulling for Gar­rett be­cause he was raised in Man­teca; we can al­most claim him as our own. At least he was a 209-er at one point, even though he now lives and works in Reno. Still, there was some pride in root­ing for a guy from the same area code and what a kick it was to see them plant­ing toma­toes on their home­town date when Gar­rett brought Becca to Man­teca. They also planted a rose bush – which, if you have ever watched the show, you know roses are a pretty in­te­gral part of this whole deal. You get one of those, you’re good for an­other week and you def­i­nitely want the fi­nal rose.

Our own Stu­dio 209 crew, which pro­duces weekly video fea­tures around the 209, broke out a spe­cial episode when they got wind of the Bach­e­lorette be­ing in Man­teca a few months ago. She was pre­sented with the key to the city as Gar­rett beamed – that part wasn’t in the tele­vised show but it was in our Stu­dio 209 episode.

Though Becca of­ten said she thought it would be Blake (the other guy in the fi­nal two) at the end, it turned out her heart picked Gar­rett.

Now we wait and see … do they get mar­ried and have their hap­pily ever af­ter?

My daugh­ter, the so­cial me­dia mae­stro who al­ready knew Gar­rett won well be­fore the show was over, will keep me up­dated on their fate, I am sure.

Plus pretty soon we’ll see who our next Bach­e­lor is– and the fun will be­gin all over again.

Marg Jack­son is edi­tor of The Escalon Times, The Oak­dale Leader and The River­bank News. She may be reached at mjack­[email protected]­dale­ or by call­ing 847-3021.

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